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## Observation

[04/09/2020 14:45:11] <Martchus_> I'm currently having a look at o3's almost full root partition. Can I clean up old kernel versions (e.g. only leaving the 2 most recent versions)? I would also like to get rid of the zypper cache and old log files. These are the main culprits according to ncdu.

[04/09/2020 14:49:52] <okurz> Martchus: regarding kernel versions the problem is that o3 is not having recurring automatic reboots. We have that on osd by now for the same reason: To boot the most recent kernel version and allow older versions to be pruned.

## Problem
- Kernel updates are not used
- Disk space is taken up by accumulating kernel( package)s

## Suggestion

- Enable automatic pruning of kernels on o3
- Investigate if we can automatically reboot o3
- Look at the setup used on osd

## Workaround

- Delete old kernels and reboot manually