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Updated by nicksinger over 3 years ago

We received our new Storage Server which we want to connect to openQA. It got delivered to SUSE with attention to Ralf Unger and is located in the Nuremberg post-office. It has 2x 10GBit/s RJ45 ports which need an according uplink. As this machine will communicate with openQA (a VM on the OBS cluster) it might make sense to bring it close to this cluster (wherever this is located). If 10G does not work out at all we could start with 1G for now. 

 ~~Please make sure to somehow obtain a copy of the invoice which is normally taped on the outside of the parcel and send it to @mgriessmeier so he can release the pay for our server.~~ already done 

 So the task would be to open an infra ticket and ask them nicely to put the machine into the server room. You might also need to discuss how to connect the 10Gbit/s port since infra has no 10G hardware (AFAIK).