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Updated by okurz about 1 year ago

## Observation

See #32605#note-13 : failed on openqaworker10, the parallel ref was running on openqaworker8. Seems to be a problem with GRE tunnel. I can see that the config files have been correctly applied on openqaworker10 in files but not in the active config. wicked ifup br1 fixed this as I can see GRE config in ovs-vsctl show now. salt-states-openqa mentions a wicked ifup br1 correctly so I am not sure if this is a generic problem or a single incident linked to incorrect application of salt state on the worker. Probably even a reboot would have fixed it the same. I should see how the system behaves during a reboot.

## Reproducible

To be confirmed, e.g. in a clean VM test install.

## Problem should call `wicked ifup br1` but maybe this did not work when the GRE tunnel config was applied

## Suggestions

* Apply salt states in a clean environment, e.g. new worker install or test VM
* Call `ovs-vsctl show` and look if any entries for GRE remote IPs show up, e.g.

sudo ovs-vsctl show | grep -B 3 'options.*remote_ip'
Port "gre8"
Interface "gre8"
type: gre
options: {remote_ip=""}

## Workaround

Call `wicked ifup br1` or whatever is the according bridge name manually after the openvswitch config has been applied.