coordination #41057

Updated by lnussel over 3 years ago

## Observation

openQA test in scenario opensuse-15.1-DVD-x86_64-update_Leap_15.0_gnome@64bit fails in

So I was just staring at this gnucash failure without any hint what went wrong. So what I had to do is

* to go to the previous results
* observe that the last run was green
* click on the last run and manually navigate to gnucash
* have two browser windows open to visually compare the difference
* see that gnucash seems to behave the same but still fails. Maybe some subtle font change somewhere?
* look at the source code trying to understand what the test does
* can't understand why the code didn't look for a needle. wondering if the code I am looking at is what actually ran
* open a terminal to look at the git history of
* see that okurz reverted a previous change earlier today
* restart all tests that use gnucash

I think there are opportunities to reduce the amount of manual steps involved, for example

* tell me that the previous run was good and provide a link I can click on to compare, jump to the relevant test/needle right away
* warn me that the code I am looking at is not what was run. provide link to show the diff

Bonus points

* show links/diffs to other runs in the same build that also have gnucash failures to proof it's always the same
* links/diffs to gnucash failures in other job groups. I suppose in this case the problem was spotted in TW already
* single click solution to restart all affected tests at once