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Updated by nicksinger almost 4 years ago

#33223 showed us how to setup a SCSI-drive to kickstart a SLES installation from the initramfs by using kexec to chain-load several "bootloader" steps.
This knowledge now needs to be preserved for future in form of documentation. This includes ( **ACs** ):

* How to setup the "magic" bootstrap SCSI-disk
* Partitioning
* `zipl` installation
* How to use qnipl (partly done in
* Limitations/Pitfalls/Improvements
* Reproduce the setup


* would be maybe a good place to put all the info
* Move dracut-qnipl into a non-private repo (maybe openQA org?)
* bootstrap SCSI-disk is a shared medium between several LPARs and Infra/gschlotter is needed to link LPAR <-> SCSI-bootstrap-disk
* Example cmd to start an LPAR remote (e.g. from a x86_64 host): `snipl -f ./snipl.conf -s P0069A27-LP3 -A fa00 --wwpn_scsiload 500507630713d3b3 --lun_scsiload 4001401100000000 --ossparms_scsiload "install= hostip= gateway= Nameserver= ssh=1 regurl="`

Notes about the "magic" bootstrap disk: