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openQA Project - coordination #39719: [saga][epic] Detection of "known failures" for stable tests, easy test results review and easy tracking of known issues

coordination #77899: [epic] Extend "auto-review" for failed jobs as well

[proof-of-concept] Extend "auto-review" for failed jobs as well, start with o3

Added by okurz about 3 years ago. Updated about 3 years ago.

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See #77899

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  • AC1: proof-of-concept running on o3
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Updated by okurz about 3 years ago

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While helping mkittler with the urgent ticket #80412 I had an idea how we should be able to easily couple openqa-monitor-incompletes+openqa-label-known-issues+openqa-investigate

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Updated by okurz about 3 years ago

Instead of putting a bigger command line within .gitlab-ci.yml which might interfer with YAML parsing I decided to put the one-line-call into it's own script

Also created to call the new combined script ./openqa-review-failed for o3 Tumbleweed.

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Updated by okurz about 3 years ago

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with merged and a new pipeline triggered there is now
which shows (unfortunately) only comment ids of created openQA comments, e.g. "98634". With

ssh o3 "sudo -u geekotest psql openqa -c 'select job_id from comments where id=98634;'"

one could found out that the corresponding openQA job where the comment was posted and the according comment is

with content:

Automatic investigation jobs:

* gnome:investigate:retry:
* gnome:investigate:last_good_tests:e8223ff26cf73d8dfa4a62358cafd592310d31e9:
* gnome:investigate:last_good_build:20201125:
* gnome:investigate:last_good_tests_and_build:e8223ff26cf73d8dfa4a62358cafd592310d31e9+20201125:

AFAICS no "known issue" was detected which is expected as there are not many (or any?) progress tickets with a proper auto-review regex for failed jobs.

With this I see the proof-of-concept succesfully in place and we can regard this ticket as "Resolved". As next steps in the epic I recommend to extend the approach to a selected product or job group on osd as well as all "non-development" job groups on o3.


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