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[SLE][Migration][sle15sp3]: HPC ESPOS migration investigation

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For hpc we start create test case for ESPOS, this task include understand the test process and finding issue.
New ticket can be created separately if we need more effort to implement into OpenQA automation.


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Investigation result:

  • ESPOS is an extension of HPC, just like LTSS or Live-patching.
  • So I think the testing steps are: register ESPOS before migration; then fully update the OS; because on SCC ESPOS page 1, it says: Older versions of this product cannot migrate to this version. This product cannot be migrated to any newer versions. so we should de-register ESPOS, then perform migration.

I have had a try to do migration as above steps:

  • generated registration codes for x86_64 and aarch64, I will send the codes to team next Tue.
  • created a image of hpc-15-sp1, registered the ESPOS on it, failed and reported a bug: bsc#1178508 Then block here. I can not continue to perform migration because register ESPOS failed.

#2 Updated by zoecao over 2 years ago

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The bug is fixed so remove the 'block' here.
I manually tried the migration workflow as I said in the comment #1. Successfully with the migration.
Opened a new ticket to trace the ESPOS' automation case. (poo#77272)
I will close here after after tomorrow morning's scrum meeting.

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Done with this task. Close here.

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