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communicate GM issues to marketing

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If there are any known issues in GM marketing needs to know about them to decide how to communicate them


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I did sent following to opensuse-marketing@ and also pinged folks on Telegram

Hello team,

we do have a task to sync up with marketing on larger issues.

The most significant issues are following:

1) (Leap has 3
update repos)
RN here:
"openSUSE Leap now has three update repositories". Related to bsc#1186593
This will be referenced in the installation section

2) (rpm-verification
keys for SLE)
Following RN entry can be referenced

Both of these issues are expected to be adressed with GA. The first
one definitely, this is a very high prio and has a two stages fix,
where the openSUSE-release is about to be relased, enablement of these
extra update repos in installer is already done. We have chosen this
two phase solution in order not to respin GM media. (2) will be fixed
in next libzypp update, this might be few days after GN but we do have
a documented workaround in release notes.

Michael Andres is working on the libzypp fix (in cc).

There is a third issue There is a third issue a kernel bug, on older
HW, however we don't seem to have enough logs yet Therefore I suggest
to skip it.

Best regards

Lubos Kocman

Release Manager openSUSE Leap

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