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Update to document the Weblate workflow

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Updated by lkocman almost 3 years ago

I did ping Stanislav regarding any changes to weblate. Otherwise since we copy portal page from version to version, weblate is always linked from there. I do not see any Leap 15.3 specific text on the page. So I suppose we're good here

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Updated by lkocman almost 3 years ago

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Updated by sbrabec almost 3 years ago

It looks very outdated:

Adding a new language: Completely obsolete since Leap 42. Actually, Weblate has its own way. But we should mention use of country specific language codes, e. g.: If the main language translation is not complete, don't translate to a country specific dialect, as your work is visible only in your country (e. g. es_ES is not used in Mexico).

Joining an Existing Team: Not sure, how it is running now. But I guess that people translate just after logging in. But it could make sense to mention contact persons.

Translation with Weblate: Online translation is strongly encouraged in favor of download-edit-upload. We should not recommend download-edit-upload.

With a new development model, most projects don't have SLE branches. And even Leap branches are rare. The whole yast development runs in master only.

Additionally, there is a new master/main schism.

The Most Important Files:
searchPage is obsolete
yast-slide-show is obsolete

Maybe it makes sense to transform these suggestions to Weblate component lists, e. g. YaST most important and Installation most important, Software installation. In such case, this manual will refer to these component lists. Weblate has a support for prioritization of certain translations, but we don't use it yet.

SUSE translations
Valid. Maybe we can improve that, and create a new component list, e. g. YaST Community.

Pull Requests on github
This work flow is still possible, but discouraged. It works around Weblate quality checks, and it needs developer attention.

About PO and POT Files
Still valid. But Weblate users don't need to know anything about po and pot files. It happens automatically in the background.

Translation Memory
Outdated. Last used in openSUSE 11. There is a translation memory feature in the Weblate. I am not sure whether it is visible to a non privileged users, and whether it skips private projects (it has to, as we have private projects in openSUSE Weblate).

OK. But I think that language list is created automatically, no need for mails.

Language Team Pages: See Joining an Existing Team above.

Translation Tools: Valid, but only for people editing po files. No more relevant with Weblate. Po file structure is fully hidden for a standard Weblate user.

Handling translation bugs: Still relevant, but not for translators. It is a guide for developers. The referred text needs some minor updates and mention of obsoleting of translation-update.

Links: OK.

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Updated by sbrabec almost 3 years ago

I rewrote the documentation.

I removed all references to the LCN SVN, as it is obsolete (valid for SLE 11) and it will never return.

I left some references to the old style translation. They are deprecated as well, but they are still valid.

Maybe more could be done: Refer to the upstream Weblate documentation.

To Do:
Update the important packages list. It should be done by one of (YaST) managers. I can make the list visible in the Weblate as a component list, e. g. as YaST basic, YaST important, openSUSE important or so.


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