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Explicit budget limits per period and event

Added by ancorgs about 9 years ago. Updated almost 9 years ago.

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Supervisors will set a budget limit for events and periods and the TSP members will not be able to approve requests beyond that limit (so it's not a reminder, it's a hard limit). Tests needed, of course.


#1 Updated by toscalix about 9 years ago

The initial idea was to set up this feature in the following fiscal year, when SUSE decided only the global amount and the Board the period/event distribution. But following the TSP suggestion, we include will this feature this this FY2014.

#2 Updated by ancorgs almost 9 years ago

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A mechanism for defining budgets and limiting the approved amount is already implemented with some tests. Not closing the issue yet, since I want to implement more tests.

#3 Updated by ancorgs almost 9 years ago

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Implementing more tests, I found some cases in which the implemented solution for budgets does not work. I need user feedback so I will write a mail to Agustín and Izabel explaining several alternative solutions.

#4 Updated by ancorgs almost 9 years ago

Going for a simpler alternative with only one budget per event.

#5 Updated by ancorgs almost 9 years ago

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New approach (with only one budget per event) already implemented with good test coverage.

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