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Estimate date when can be disabled on o3

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Review current projects covered by on o3 and make sure openqa-trigger-from-obs covers them or estimate how many changes are needed.


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All projects covered by on o3 are ready for migration to openqa-trigger-from-obs:
List of projects:

staging tumbleweed tumbleweed_ppc64 tumbleweed_arm tumbleweed_s390x 15_images 15.2 15.2_core 15.2_arm 15.2_arm_images 15.2_ppc 15.1_images 15.1_arm_images 15.2_images

corresponding xml configuration at
and tests:

staging openSUSE:Factory:Staging.xml
tumbleweed openSUSE:Factory.xml
tumbleweed_ppc64 openSUSE:Factory:PowerPC.xml
tumbleweed_arm openSUSE:Factory:ARM.xml
tumbleweed_s390x openSUSE:Factory:zSystems.xml
15.2, 15.2_arm, 15.2_ppc openSUSE:Leap:15.xml
15.2_core openSUSE:Leap:15:Core.xml
15.2_images, 15.1_images openSUSE:Leap:15:Images.xml
15.2_arm_images openSUSE:Leap:15:ARM:Images.xml

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