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prepare GM on download server

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Status:NewStart date:08/05/2020
Priority:NormalDue date:09/05/2020
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Category:Release Engineering
Target version:GM
Duration: 1


Plan for 15.1

  • log in to (pontifex) before ttm released GM to download.o.o!
  • hardlink files from 15.1/iso into e.g. 15.1/iso-devel in ftp-stage
  • wait for some mirrors to catch up
  • sync the change to ftp
  • install a redirect rule 15.1/iso into 15.1/iso-devel
  • wait for ttm to release final build and publish_distro to do it's initial work
  • disable rsync pushing for 15.1 in /etc/rsyncd-internal.conf so obs can't spoil the fun
  • remove world access from iso/ so only staging mirrors can pull it
  • disable publish_distro for 15.1 (~mirror/bin)
  • rename iso images to final names

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Copied from openSUSE Leap 15.1 - action #51515: prepare GM on download server Closed 17/05/2019 18/05/2019


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