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Failed service "logrotate" on aarch64.o.o and openqaworker1.o.o

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logrotate and openvswitch – at least on transactional server – have a problem, the systemd service of "logrotate" fails correspondingly. Reported as

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Copied to openQA Infrastructure - action #53573: Failed service "irqbalance" on aarch64.o.o Resolved 30/06/2019


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Unfortunately no response in bug, error still happens. pinged bug assignee in

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I have updated the bug in . Apparently the problem is upgrade-related. Fresh installs will not have this problem as directories and files will be setup with proper user and group from the beginning. For now I fixed the problem manually by ensuring that /var/log/openvswitch/ and the files within are owned by openvswitch.hugetlbfs on both openqaworker1.o.o and aarch64.o.o where we have the openvswitch package installed.

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