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[opensuse] Do not clear repositories when creating image

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Creating disk image fro openSUSE with PUBLISH_HDD_1 will going through installation procedure. With HAVE_ADDON_REPOS, it will add default online repositories. But after installation it always call update/zypper_clear_repos to clear all online repos, no matter if KEEP_ONLINE_REPOS was set.

zypper_clear_repos was called if need_clear_repos() return true.

So add "&& !get_var('KEEP_ONLINE_REPOS')" in return code for **need_clear_repos()** should work.

Update(20190718): By investigation of lib/ and existing tests create_hdd_gnome in o.o.o., it is found that KEEP_ONLINE_REPOS does work, but with an indirect way. When KEEP_ONLINE_REPOS is set, is_repo_replacement_required() return false. Meanwhile, if have_addn_repos()(should set SUSEMIRROR) was true, then console/zypper_ar will be triggered. Therefore, the cleared repos will be added back to the system before installation finished.


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