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action #415: Publish announcement of RC 2

Send some info about RC 2 for the announcement to jos

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  • Where are we, what got in, what is coming soon?
  • anything else developers need to know?
  • what to test specifically?
  • What are the biggest known issues?


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Some non-exhaustive ChangeLog:

systemd was updated to be at version 208, nothing ground shaking for users is expected but more bugfixes should be in place
Shim should now work which means the secure boot is possible
Plasma-nm no longer replaces the knetworkmanager
Calibre is now fully operational
Gnome software should be working
kernel was updated with more fixes and one speedy improvement everyone could read about on phoronix (the radeon/nouveau timer improvements)
for virtualization needs the xen and libvirt were updated
Load of migration issues were fixed so zypper dup from older release are more and more possible
appear should no longer choke on multiple license agreements
yast parts were updated fixing bunch of installer bugs
xfce can now properly suspend
e17 artwork was openSUSEfied
akonadi should better handle the postgres as its backend
Our vlc version was updated to 2.1 which is the latest and coolest provided
Translations updates

Apart from this also the release includes bugfixes for many issues reported by testers.

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All good. Thanks!

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