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Design a Logo

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The logo should be based on the theme of oSC15 and possibly the location.

Chameleon2015.png (76.5 KB) Chameleon2015.png anditosan, 2014-11-22 18:06
Chameleon2015.svg (70.5 KB) Chameleon2015.svg anditosan, 2014-11-22 18:06


  • Inspiration? Subjects? Ideas?


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Can you let me know what have been some of the ideas that go around to get the logo going?

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Think of a theme!

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I've created a separate issue for creating a theme #3968

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Some input for the logo/design:

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: [opensuse-marketing] Request for design and marketing for openSUSE Conference 2015
Date: 2014-09-23 20:17
From: Hans de Raad

Dear all,

today we've had our first IRC meeting regarding the organization of openSUSE Conference 2015 (in The Hague NL on 1-4th of may 2015)!
Minutes of that meeting can be found here:

One of our highest priorities at the moment is the creation of artwork (logo's and website theming) and composing announcements to raise awareness about the conference.

We hope that we can stand on the shoulders of the Geeko giants and re-use what has already been used (and worked) in the past and create what isnt there yet.

So here is some general info and trivia about The Hague and The Netherlands that might be of use in creating the materials needed:

Of course The Netherlands are famous for their:

  • cheese
  • windmills
  • wooden shoes
  • the fact that most of our country is well below sea level
  • the Delta works
  • cows and farming in general
  • the best soccer team in the world that has not ever (yet!) been worldchampion
  • throwing awesome conferences
  • and more cheese

Hopefully this will provide some inspiration!

Regarding the marketing announcements, i will contact warlordfff separately and get back on this later.

If we are going at this the wrong way, then please tell us so we can get up to speed with the openSUSE way of doing things!

Best regards!
Hans de Raad

Robin Edgar

OpenNovations / DevHdR

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Concept ideas are in. I am thinking of a new re-interpretation of the geek logo.

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Logos for the conference are done and this is the result.

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gotta happen now

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This task is completed

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