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action #217: Find a sustainable way to deliver promotional items to events and ambassadors

action #307: Make plan for content of the boxes

action #348: Set meeting to define contents

meet up to decide on the contents

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We need to sit together with some conference goers, not too echo-chamber-y, to bounce off ideas and priorities, then make choices about the list.

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People I'd like to have there:

  • Agustin
  • Kenneth Wimer
  • Cassio Camanho
  • Henne Vogelsang
  • Andreas Jaeger
  • NUE SUSE Marketing people
  • openSUSE Team members who are interested/have booth experience
  • anyone on openSUSE-internal who wants to be involved
  • perhaps openSUSE community members - Izabel, Bryen, Kostas (other Greeks?) and Richard would be good choices.
  • as it is openSUSE business, it'll be Google Hangout.

Should be 1 hour at most, probably less.

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Asked Kenneth and Cassio what they think. Next up - creating invite.

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Invited ppl. Wednesday 3pm EU time.

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We had the meeting, forgot (of course) to update this item. Report on meeting:

We had a meeting last Wednesday about the booth box contents. I've done the additional research, implemented the suggestions, re-calculated weight and costs and made a final proposal now. The changes I made are part of the notes at the end of the mail.

New metrics for costs and weight:

  • Big box costs Eur ~1100, weight 50kg with 1000 DVD's (took out 200)
  • Small box costs Eur ~700, weight 20.5kg with 200 DVD's (took out 200) I estimate that these costs and weight are +/- 10%.

Note that in this proposal the small box does NOT contain the booth tools (tape, markers and powerstrip) as those would add an additional 2.3 kg. Once we have assembled a first version of the box we can revisit this - see if there is room, or if we make room by taking out another 100 DVD's or some of the booth materials.

On the bottom of the wiki page I made a list of weights and costs to give an idea what we spend the money on. For example, over 1/3rd of the small box (both in terms of money and weight) is taken in by the materials for the booth itself, the other 2/3 is shared between give-aways, with most of the money in the goodies (eg tatoos) and most of the weight in the 'informative' stuff (DVD's and flyers).


I will send a list of the artwork that we will need once I have assembled it, I'll probably do that today, if not next week Monday. I can start ordering a few things but many need artwork. Agustin, tell me when I can begin to order things.

Notes from meeting:

  • add first aid kit
  • Pick wired devices, otherwise it gets stolen!
  • buttons: magnet really needed. but can be bought separate, they stick to the pin
  • electronics: let's not do that this year, maybe next.
  • go for 2 table cloths 2x2.5m
  • go for green safety vests with logo instead of t-shirts etc
  • Go for caps and bandanas, 4 caps, 4 bandanas. +Eur 40, +.5kg
  • go for the more expensive nametags (with magnet) instead of the cheaper buttons. +Eur 40, +100g
  • geeko stamp - nice, but let's see next year.
  • Not going to do ARM things, if the arm team has a good idea we can talk but it's more for next year.
  • we need pens... But good ones. Not too many. -> 1000 it is, ~50ct each
  • Tatoos are excellent - something new.
  • beer mats? Cool, cool...
  • posters get damaged - many don't make it home.
  • calendar, cheat sheet, github cheat sheet
  • go for the geeky posters. need to be A3. Very cool! 100 is maximum, that's already 1.5 kg. Weight is an issue for wood
  • wristband - festival, textile stuff - ppl would keep it on.
  • it would be nice to have something 'incremental' - the wristbands do that, stuff should have changing logo, year on it.
  • like the KDE business cards. puzzle-like thingy?
  • necklace? one where you can put different things on.
  • Decision: give-aways will be wristbands, tatoos and cheatsheets
  • info on the box: event, person, contact in case of emergency, trash box? 1 generic sticker with contents
  • include trash bag!

* weight of boxes too high: less DVD's is the solution.

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