Booth box

Applications for Booth Boxes are handled through the "Travel Support Application":
After openSUSE Board made a decision about who gets one, users whit the appropriate permissions can handle the request and prepare shipping.

The booth box is packaged by openSUSE team members. The shipping is done by Iwona Maher at the reception desk.

The merchandising material is stored in the cellar right below server room 1. To get there you need to ask for the appropriate key at the reception desk. The stuff is, besides a huge pile of empty boxes, in the third chamber on the right. The key for the pad lock is currently stored in a drawer at Christopher Hofmann's desk.

We already shipped these boxes

  • Honduras, DHL
  • Provo, DHL – package lost
  • China, FedEx
  • France
  • Berlin, DHL
  • Nigeria, DHL 123€;
  • GUADEC (Taken in the openSUSE suitcase by Richard Brown)

For shipments outside EU a pro forma invoice (attached) is needed to get it through customs. Some countries (USA, Mexico) have restrictions on textiles made in China. We claim to only ship textiles made in Germany.

Shipping options

DHL, best choice for national shippings; still cheap but very slow at international shippings.
FedEx or UPS, much more expensive than DHL, but safer and quicker; depending on the destination one of them might be cheaper than the other


Step-by-step manual

  1. Get the order from the TSP app
  2. Type the address into the old "PromoDVD order form":
  3. Get the resulting CSV on the mailing list
  4. Call ./csv2letter in the git checkout of the letter templates to get PDFs generated.
  5. Print the PDFs twice
  6. Get & package the appropriate box; pot one set of letters inside the box
  7. Get it to the SUSE post office
  8. Give other set of the letters to Iwona and get the shipping price
  9. Ask the owner of the openSUSE cost center (SULX67160; Roland) for approval
  10. Email the recipient about the box that is on its way.
  11. Ask to get feedback about the box (whetter it was damaged or if it arrived at all).



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