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Install on booster host with its own subdomain and with MySQL as database backend

Added by ancorgs almost 10 years ago. Updated over 9 years ago.

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Application should be running in the openSUSE infrastructure (boosters machine). The current demo is hosted in Heroku. I have had some problems to make it work with the all version of MySQL that we are using right now.


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It's already running on boosters. In fact, it's not running under its own subdomain, but in as we wanted to the application to be part of the connect infrastructure.

The application is still using sqlite. Mysql configuration is pending because of some versions incompatibility.

#2 Updated by ancorgs almost 10 years ago

Changing from the previous approach (proxy server and delayed_job both managed by a init.d script) to the approach used by darix for other applications (fcgi + delayed_job managed by a init.d script). A lot of work as all the previously deployed applications are using ruby 1.8 and Rails 2. fcgi is in some way deprecated in Rails 3 and making a ruby 1.9 + rvm + rails3 application run in this setup was hard. But is working smoothly now.

#3 Updated by ancorgs almost 10 years ago

exception_notification configured. I was not able to force an error in order to check if it's really working (good news, in fact). Manually raised some errors and now I'm sure that it's working.

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Mysql was never configured. Currently running with sqlite fairly ok. I'm closing this issue although a better setup is still needed.

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