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Usability improvements for the shipments

Added by ancorgs almost 9 years ago. Updated almost 9 years ago.

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  • The address form is missing a 'Name' field
  • The form doesn't have enough room for 'very long' or complex addresses.
  • Rename the 'Description' Field to 'Extra needs'
  • The description of the "incomplete" state is confusing. What about something closer to: "Please review all the information to ensure it is present and correct, then click 'Action' and Submit".
  • Some relevant information is missing in the shipment request view: specially the user and the event!


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Everything implemented and committed in

  • Added the 'name' field to PostalAddress. It was originally missing because it's somehow redundant with the user profile's full name (and we encourage user to fulfil their profile, don't we? ;-) ). To improve clarity I added the field, and initial values for it and for "contact phone" are inferred from the user's profile.
  • Line2 is now a little bit bigger (just cosmetic, but both line1 and line2 have always been 255 chars each, anyway).
  • 'Description' renamed to 'additional notes' (not exactly what requested, but hopefully enough).
  • The states description is not only used in the request page itself and not displayed only to the requester. The suggested message was perfectly tailored for displaying it to the user after fulfilling the form, but not completely suitable in other situations. Changed to this (which should be almost as clear as the suggested one but more reusable): "The requester must review all the information to ensure it is present and correct and then submit the request using the 'Action' button in the request page."
  • Added information about the user and the event to the shipment page.

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