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09:44 openQA Tests action #104947 (In Progress): [sle][security][backlog] automate testing of scap-security-guide: run basic tests on the "remediated" system


05:52 openQA Tests action #109163 (In Progress): [sle][security][backlog][FIPS]Implement & Integrate LUKS test case into openQA
Need to move to official group from dev on osd


07:31 openQA Tests action #108019 (In Progress): [sle][security][backlog][Leap] Leap 15.4 issue with bash oneliner in oscap_remediating_online (leads to unexpected out)
Currently need more info from Alex.
07:30 openQA Tests action #108470 (In Progress): [sle][security][backlog][TW][SLE][aarch64][automation]Unlocking LUKS volumes with TPM2 or FIDO2 key
07:30 openQA Tests action #109166 (Resolved): [sle][security][sle15sp4][FIPS] Implement & Integrate LUKS test case into openQA
Case automated on osd, currently in dev group. Will move to security group after back in Office.
07:28 openQA Tests action #108614 (In Progress): [sle][security][backlog][feature][automation] SLE-21816 - QA: Update vsftpd to version 3.0.4


08:25 openQA Tests action #108959 (Resolved): [sle][security][sle15sp4]fips test fails in firefox_nss
Missing seedles added and reused from x86 case, case now passed on aarch.
02:40 openQA Tests action #108599 (Resolved): [sle][security][sle15sp4][fips] test fails in firefox_nss: no candidate needle with tag(s) 'firefox-click-enable-fips' matched
Needle added.
Case passed now on osd:
02:05 openQA Tests action #94982 (Resolved): [sle][security][sle15sp4] Move all SElinux policy pkgs from github test repo to gitlab
Test code modified and merged. Case verified and passed on both osd and o3.


02:34 openQA Tests action #106876 (Resolved): [sle][security][sle15sp4][swtpm] add tpm2 tests to arm platform [both tw and sle]
Cases passed and moved to official groups.

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