Jos' first plans for Booth box

This page contains the booth box contents (in planning). We have two boxes:

  • Big, around 50Kg, suitable for 5K+ visitors
  • Small, around 20Kg, suitable for 1K-5K visitors
  • USB Big, around 20kg, hypothetical box replacing DVD's with USB sticks, suitable for 5k+ visitors
  • USB Small, around 10kg, hypothetical box replacing DVD's with USB sticks, suitable for 1k-5k visitors

Smaller events will have to create materials locally or use the contents of a booth box nearby. For the first year we expect to need about 15 small boxes, 5 big ones and about an equivalent of 10 more big boxes of materials at SUSE for the openSUSE team to bring with them to events.

The box contains 3 types of materials:

  • openSUSE dvd's or USB sticks
  • Tools to 'run the booth' like tape, markers and a powerstrip
  • Materials to make a booth look cool like flags and posters
  • hand out/give away materials like flyers and geekos

The tables contain the items and educated guesstimates of weight, price, and a proposal for the amount to be put in the booth box. The totals on the bottom are reasonable guesses but we will only be sure about the weight when we finally get everything together.

Once we have these lists all done and decisions made, we will begin to order the items, assemble a test box and see how it works out.

The boothbox content lists

Documentation for the booth

The materials below should tell the team how to build the booth, handle visitors etc

  • usb stick with promo materials/data (images, video etc)
  • talking points
  • openSUSE fact sheet
  • booth kit manual/checklist for setting up booth
  • report template (incl room for follow-up contacts)
  • tips including:
    • Don’t allow your display area to become a fortress but create walkways around your tables that invite visitors to come in.
    • TBD
  • we also, for each event, need to print a a4 sticker to be put on the box with the name of the event, person the materials go to, emergency contact and more.

booth tools

These are basics which aim to make sure the booth team can write on and hang up the posters, turn on their laptops & use the monitor(s).

Item weight price amount Include? total weight total price link
Duct tape 50g 2 1 yes 50g 2
double-sided tape 20g 2 1 yes 20g 2
stapler 150g 4 1 no 0 0
staples 50g 1 1 no 0 0
staple remover 30g 1 1 no 0 0
scissors 100g 2 1 yes 100g 2
Screwdriver 150g 2 1 yes 150g 2
Markers black/green 15g 1 4 yes 60g 4
notebook & pen 100g 2 1 no 0 0
Power strip 350g 4 1 yes 350g 6
first-aid kit 400g? 6 - 15 1 yes 200 10 add disinfectant!
clear fishing line 50g 1 1 yes 350g 1
cubicle hooks/clips 100g 2 1 yes 100g 2
mints & hand clean 100g 2 1 yes 100g 2
Ethernet cable 150g 3 1 yes 150g 3
vga cable 200g 4 1 yes 200g 4
usb cable extender 20g 2 1 yes 20g 2
box to keep money in 200g ? 1 maybe 200g 3 need to find one
dozen openSUSE pens 8 1-2 15 yes 120g 30 Inca, wave or burgos
trash bag(s) 35g .50 2 yes 70g 1
Total ~2.3kg 75

small supportive electronics

These items provide the team with some nice, openSUSE branded devices to drive people to the booth: a speaker, mouses, webcam and more. Due to weight, cost and uncertainty about usefulness we decided to not include any of this for the first year.

Item weight price amount Include? total weight total price min order size comment link
wireless logo Mouse 75g 11 1 maybe 0 0 100 don't go for wireless devices - get stolen!
micro logo Mouse 30g-70g 4.40-480 2 no 0 0 150 spectral-werbung
micro usb charger logo 50g 4.80 1+? maybe 0 0 100
bluetooth keyboard logo 320g 15-20 1 maybe 0 0 20 don't go for wireless devices - get stolen! and
0.3mp webcam logo 200g? 8-15 1 maybe 0 0 60
speaker box logo 260g 11 1 maybe 0 0 60
speaker/usb hub logo 160g 9 1 maybe 0 0 80
minispeaker logo 60g 5 1 maybe 0 0 80
minispeaker logo 100g 12 1 maybe 0 0 30
ballspeaker logo 250g 7.5 1 maybe 0 0 60
presentation stick 100g 5-15 2 maybe 0 0 50

Booth clothing

This is the stuff needed to actually make the booth look good, put the flyers on the table etc.

Item weight per X size amount x price small amount x price big Include total weight total price comments link
Table display: pyramid (or cube etc) ~20gr each 20x20cm 500 for Eur 200 5000 for Eur 625 10 200g 4 -
Tablecloth/flag with logo 1.5kg each 250x200cm ~55 Eur at 30-50 pc no 0 0 -
Tablecloth/flag with logo 0.6kg each 250x200cm ~55-60 Eur at 30-50 pc 2 1200g 120 - and picture of printed flag 1 picture of printed flag 2
Tablecloth/flag with logo 2.4-2.7kg each 250x200cm ~45 - 42 Eur at 30-50 pc no 0 0 - and
Posters with room for schedule etc 15g each A3, 115g/m2 100 for Eur 40 500 for Eur 50 10 150g 2 -
fun or informational posters 15g each A3, 115g/m2 100 for Eur 40 500 for Eur 50 10 150g 4 -
small posters (all kinds) 5g each A4, 80g/m2 ? ? 30 150g 3 0 -
supersize posters 30g each A2, 115g/m2 100 for Eur 65 500 for Eur 90 5 150g 5 -
team t-shirts 300g various 10 no 0 0 0 -
team caps or bandanas 100-200g various Eur 1-8 8 500 40 include 4 caps and 4 bandanas
team green tie 30g various 13 no 0 0 -
Green safety vests logo 130g various 4.10 10 1300 41 jos has offer in mail
X-Banner Standard 1kg 25x 60,0 x 160,0 cm 55 1 1000g 55 - picture front picture back
flyer holder 100g 1.2mm thick transparent A5 3 0 0 0 there are paper solutions that can be branded
flyer holder with logo 100g paper A5 50x E6.12 100x E4.69 150x E4.28 no 300g 15 nicely branded - jos has offer in pdf
flyer holder with logo 100g paper A5 50x E11 100x E8 200x E6.5 no - - -
flyer holder with logo 150g paper A5 price requested no - - -
chair back covers ? ? ? ? not found 0 0 - not found
re-usable button nametags ? 47-52mm 100x from 41ct 1000x 31ct no 0 0 with pin, need individual printing on special paper (part of package)
re-usable logo nametags ? 47-52mm 100x from eur 5 500x eur 4 10 150g 45 with magnet, professional look more options
geeko stamp ? 3-5cm 3cm 10x Eur 100 5cm 10x Eur 170 no 0 0 incl green ink 3cm 5cm
a4 info holder 200g 3mm thick transparent A4 5.5 no 0 0 nice but piramids are cheaper and lighter
DVD holder ? ? ? ? no 0 0 there might be a paper solution but this isn't crucial not found
poster holder A3 40g A3 holds A0-A4 1.3 5 200g 6.5 nice solution for places where you can't use tape
Total 5.5kg E340.5
  • reminder to check this site for prices when ordering

poster ideas

  • openSUSE informational-style (what's cool about openSUSE , we believe)
  • openSUSE factsheet (basic info about the community) still has to be made
  • booth posters with room to add info like schedule for booth talks, to be made
  • fun openSUSE posters (beer poster , geeko)

ARM promo ideas

The following items we could include if we want to promote ARM at our booths. They're mostly some ideas around arm devices that are thin & light and can create something presentable in a simple, lightweight way. We would need an ARM device and a screen; either integrated (laptop, tablet) or external (the Scenelights beamer might be an option for that).

Item weight per X size amount x price small amount x price big Include total weight total price comments link
beaglebone or such 100gr each 10x5cm Eur 80-150 maybe 100g ? ? everywhere
USB stick pc 50gr each usb stick size Eur 50-150 maybe 50g ? example Samsung Exynos 4412 1.6ghz quadcore, 2gb ram, 16gb ROM, wifi for USD 140 wide selection at android minipc with AV cable out, vga out, USB & network for $45 china options here Aseigo/KDE might come with open device like this
Scenelights LED Beamer 450gr usb stick size Eur ~50 maybe ? ? 320*240 resolution, 40 lumen light, media player, AV-In, ~25-115cm distance
Cheap mini ARM notebook 1kg tiny Eur ~50-100 maybe ? seems very slow 10inch single Cortex A8 1.5GHz 1G Ram 4G flash
cheap tablet 500g tiny Eur ~100 maybe ? performance is very ok for tablet/tocuh. Can be used with and without hdmi out port... 7inch dual Cortex A9 1.6GHz 1G Ram 8G flash Vivaldi tablet
0 0 to discuss

These things would need micro-hdmi-to-vga or microhdmi-to-AV converters. Plenty on amazon for Eur ~14 and in other places eg see for example this hdmi to vga and AV cable

We won't do anything this year but if the ARM team has ideas, we should talk.

Informative/fun openSUSE promo materials

These are our main promotional materials: flyers and postcards. The flyers aim to inform people, the postcards are more fun. We currently have one flyer design (about openSUSE) but could create or include more like OBS, SUSE and other flyers. Postcards are a good way to add themes - like an upcoming conference or release promo. Might be an idea to create these in small-ish batches whenever we want to promote something and only then stick them in the boxes.

The numbers below are most fitting for the 'small' box, it is best to go double for the 'big' box.

Item weight per X size amount x price small amount x price big Include total weight total price comments link
flyers (oS, OBS, SUSE, even KDE, GNOME?) 6gr A4 folded 10k for 420, 20K for 750 100K for 3.650 500 3kg 15 equal nr to DVD's or even more
postcards (oS, OBS, SUSE, conference, more) 5gr A6 1k for 30, 5K for 71 10K for 120 250 1.3kg 10 less, more?
Totals total: 4.3kg total: E40

the give-aways with logo

These are the typical openSUSE give-aways. We have had geekos, t-shirts, beer, stickers and book inlays in the past. The amounts should be at least doubled for the big box, probably tripled.

Item weight per X size amount x price small amount x price big Include total weight total price comments link
useful posters: cheatsheets & calendars 15g each A3, 115g/m2 1K for 75, 5K for 240 10K for 450 100 1.5kg 5 beer poster? we need designs
Beer felt/beverage coaster/beer mat with logo 0.5g each 7-9cm 2.5K for 190, 5K for 330 10K for 520 - - - openSUSE beer? we need designs and
laptop stickers 0.01g each small 5ct for 1000+ 500 200g 50 no idea
cool stickers 0.01g each A8 or 10cm circle 10K for 180 1k 500g 18
cool stickers 0.01g each 9cm circle or ellipse 10K circle for 350 10K ellipsoid for 450 1k 500g 45
openSUSE sweets 10-100g various starting at eur 1 can probably be had for less - - - -
openSUSE bags 400g-2kg various from eur 1-15 eg retro shoulder bag with logo 400x for eur 8 each no - - -
openSUSE pens - - - - too boring - - - -
USB sticks - - - - another thing altogether - - - -
openSUSE mouse pads weight size starting at 2000+ for Eur 1.25 10K for Eur 1.16 - - - -
openSUSE caps or bandanas 100-200g all Eur 1-8 - - - - -
openSUSE can closer 2g? - 10K for 13ct each - - - - -
openSUSE Buttons - beeropener - 56mm round 1000 for .78ct 10K for .73ct - - - comment
openSUSE Buttons - pin - 22mm 1000 for .30ct 10K for .20ct - - - comment more buttons here
snap-armband 10g universal 1000 for 1.90 have to ask - - - -
festivalband ? universal 100 for 50ct 1000 for 27ct 10.000 for 19ct 500 300g 150 comment Jos has another offer 'estimation festivalbänder' in his mail
pocketlight+beer opener in one 30g - 250x 2.17 each 710x 1,85 each - - - -
keyring+beer opener 20g size 1000x ~90ct each 5000x 81ct each - - - -
keyring touchpen 4g size 2000 ~90ct (?) - - - - -
screen cleaner 16g size 1000+ Eur .66 each 5140+ Eur .58 - - - -
Bread box 100g 180 x 145 x 70 650x Eur 1.15 - - - - -
geekos 100g small and green! ~eur 3 - - - - SUSE created lots of these, we'd have to ask Marketing to get them. They're extremely popular but rather big :( SUSE Marketing
geeko tatoos ~0.12g 4x4cm 1 color 10K 810 50K 1900 full color 10K 1253 50K 2325 2K 250g 100 other sizes possible.
cookie cutters ? ? 1000+ ? - - - TBD
icecube shapes ? ? 1000+ ? - - - TBD
cupcake shapes ? ? 1000+ ? - - - TBD
Total 2.65kg E360

possible boxes to ship the materials in

I looked everywhere for a print service for boxes but this seems not to exist, at least not for reasonable prices. We should consider using stickers. Boxes can be either cardboard/paper or plastic. Some choices and reasonable prices:

Paper boxes

Size Price Comment Link
650 x 350 x 360mm Eur 3-5 each strong box. black print (not sure if custom)
650 x 350 x 360mm Eur 6 (30+) strong box. price incl grayscale print. Any size possible. Dutch site.
770 x 570 x 470mm Eur 33 at 10+ extremely strong box, 12mm thick, for sending machine parts. other sizes available, should handle any weight...
1200 x 600 x 600mm Eur 9 at 90pc Largest DHL delivery box. Not certain about quality.

Plastic boxes

Size Price Comment Link
810 x 620 x 430 mm 111 (maybe discount possible?) transparent, 145 liter box.
710 x 440 x 380 mm 37.5 (maybe discount possible?) transparent, huge 84 liter box.
710 x 440 x 310 mm 30 (maybe discount possible?) dark blue, 64 liter box.
610 x 402 x 315 mm 27 (maybe discount possible?) transparent, 48 liter box.
245 x 180 x 160 mm 7 (10x) black, 3 liter box.

I have no idea what size we will need. We'll have to order materials and see what we can fit in what volume.

Costs of stickers needed for the above:

Size Price x amount small Price x amount large Comment Link
A4 50x Eur 45 200x Eur 90 white, digital print
A4 100 Eur 71 1000 Eur 166 white, offset print
A4 50x Eur 75 200x Eur 190 transparent, digital print
A4 250 Eur 150 1000 Eur 220 transparent, offset print

We create a generic sticker with content info and for each event we print a second sticker for that specific event. Sticker templates eur 11 per 100 din a5, eur 7/100

Let's guestimate the costs of a box on Eur 35 incl stickers etc.

openSUSE Team suitcase

When the openSUSE team travels to evens they have to bring 'stuff' with them. A decent suitcase is needed for that. These are some options. We need to know more about volume & weight before we can start making choices.

name size volume weight price Comment Link
Samsonite Firelite Spinner 4wheel 80cm 124ltr 3.1kg Eur 410 40 ltr/kg idealo
Roncato Flexi 2-rollen 80cm 125ltr 6.40 kg Eur 90 20 ltr/kg - I have this one atm, very sturdy but heavy. idealo
Samsonite Cosmolite Spinner 75cm 94ltr 2.80kg Eur 370 33 ltr/kg idealo
Samsonite Cosmolite Spinner 85cm 131ltr 4.40kg Eur 300 30 ltr/kg idealo
Roncato Uno Zip 4-wheel 78cm 100l 3.4kg Eur 220 30 ltr/kg idealo
Travelite 2-wheel 72cm 102l 3.4kg eur 130 30 ltr/kg - soft case, not a good idea. idealo


Estimates of weight and costs per group:

category weight in gram Cost in Euro
1 booth tools 2300 70
2 booth clothing 5500 340.5
3 informative materials 4300 40
4 give-aways 2650 360
5 box 1000 35

Big box contents: 1,2,3x2,4x2,5 - weight 22700gr, costs 1250,5 each
Small box contents: 2,3,4,5 - weight: 13450gr, costs 775.50 each

Based on the current state, total weight and cost estimates excluding the cost of DVD's/USB sticks:

Box # DVD's/USB sticks Weight costs
Small 200 (5kg) 18.45kg Eur 775.50
Big 1000 (25kg) 47.7kg Eur 1250,5
USB Small 40 (1kg) 14.45kg Eur 775.50
USB Big 120 (2kg) 24.7kg Eur 1250,5

Please note that I tried to be conservative in my estimations: the costs will most likely turn out lower, as will the weight.

Artwork needed

The following items require artwork:

Description of item limitations (color, size etc) proposal status
openSUSE Pen logo black pen, sevilla one color ink I propose to slap a geeko on it and and be done undecided
Piramid or cube design full-color. see here for details should be info about openSUSE or just look cool no design at all yet
tablecloth/flag full-color. 2.50x200. 2 designs possible. Must be usable as table cloth AND flag. material will be flag cloth, shine-through. - nothing yet, but ordered test with crappy design from to test
Posters with room for writing a schedule or other info full-color, A3 size Look in github for some non-generic examples. We need something that works everywhere... I'd say at least half the poster should be room to write (white background). nothing yet
fun or informational posters A3, full-color openSUSE informational-style (what's cool about openSUSE , we believe ), a openSUSE-factsheet, beer poster Vi/VIM cheatsheet etc. We really need several designs. few designs exist, needs more and decisions
Several small posters A4, full-color designs from above for hanging up all over some designs we have, more needed & decisions
supersize posters A3, full-color these should simply be awesome! no idea if we have something suitable
cap design what they need at it is for the booth team. simple is fine. nothing yet but let's not loose track of this
bandana design what they need at it is for the booth team. simple is fine. I'm not even sure if we can print anything, if so - green is good :D nothing yet
Green safety vests logo see needs something on front and back. it is for the booth team. nothing yet
X-Banner Standard design standing banner 60,0 x 160,0 cm full-color something that attracts ppl... nothing yet but ordered something with basic design to test from
folder dispenser design Dispenser we still need to ask them for info on requirements make ppl take a flyer... nothing yet
re-usable badge design design it idea is that we keep the same badge but replace the nametag. See - tag on bottom. This can be simple... should be simple, nothing yet
flyers A4 full-color, flexible we have a 'about openSUSE' flyer, needs review. We could include others (eg OBS, SUSE) needs review and one side could use less corporate artwork (is in github)
Postcards A6, full-color, double-sided we probably should make these in smaller badges to promote for example the openSUSE Conference. But fun and targeted designs (OBS or other openSUSE features, eg 'we believe') welcome. needs discussion and some designs
useful posters: cheatsheets, calendars A3, full-color these are our give-away posters. They should invite hanging up, so not TOO openSUSE-ish, but useful cheatsheets and such are good. there is some stuff, needs review, some new designs and decisions
Stickers round, oval, A8, laptop - all full-color to give-away. At least 3 final designs. a few things floating around
festival band See click 'weiter' and see app, design something. 'suchen' lets you upload a logo. Use 1 color they are give-aways shouldn't be too hard, have nothing yet
geeko tatoos flexible size and colors but let's go 1 color, 4x4 cm for now multiple designs needed. These are give-aways. needs to look cool, nothing yet

Note that all artwork needs to be usable for AT LEAST a year: DO NOT USE RELEASE-SPECIFIC ARTWORK!

Artwork plan

The artwork needs the following steps to move forward:

  1. review of the above list and the status of each item by a designer, to determine:
    • what is ready to be printed
    • what can be made ready real quick (like a pen that just needs a geeko on it)
    • what simply needs a bit of design polishing (putting existing things together)
    • what needs creativity and input from the community artists (needing 'original' artwork like posters etc)
  2. creation of the 'quickies' so they can be ordered asap
  3. Creation of proper, clear requests for the community on what is needed from them
    • think about the requirements for colorspace, format, quality etcetera. I can and will help with this as much as my knowledge permits.
  4. Creation of items in need of some design polishing in order of priority so it can be ordered
    • We'll probably have to find out what is reasonable here.
  5. Judging, polishing and preparing for printing of artwork from the community
    • This will need the designer to be interacting with the community. There is a lot of work to be done and this will probably eat considerable time.


Current todo list

  • get artwork (anditosan currently working)
  • start ordering things once we have an GO on budget
  • develop the documentation

UPDATE: Anditosan> I have gathered a few images of what is specified on the artwork list above and I am currently designing a look that is unified across these elements. Likely I will be using colors shown on our current version of openSUSE and some green, of course.