New Galera Cluster up and running

While we still migrate services over into the "openSUSE Heroes" network, we also use the time to improve the old setup and implement a more robust and reliable infrastructure.
Added by Anonymous over 6 years ago

One major step towards a reliable infrastructure was done last week: we implemented a new Galera Cluster, which should provide a high available environment for all services that rely on MySQL/MariaDB. Instead of simply migrating the old Master-Master setup, we decided to implement something new - also giving us not only the ability to grow, but also to show how reliable an openSUSE driven infrastructure is (Note: the new cluster is of course using Leap 42.3 as base).

During the next days, we will fine-tune the database setup and migrate the productive workload from the old to the new cluster. Some of the steps we learned during that migration might end up in some articles on - so stay tuned! :-)