Planet has a new home

The feed aggregator that collects what openSUSE contributors are writing in their respective blogs will be hosted directly on a new server sponsored by SUSE.
Added by Anonymous over 8 years ago

The server hosting was sponsored by a couple of persons during the last years. Special thanks go to Pascal Bleser, Marcus Rueckert and Henne Vogelsang for this fantastic and unique service for our openSUSE Community!

But time has come and resources went into other directions, so we need to find a new place for this service, which is meanwhile aggregating feeds from over 100 users of the openSUSE Community. As the legal analysis showed, the service itself is not critical - and (thanks to all those who write those fabulous blog entries) neither the content is.

As result, is now running on a dedicated virtual host inside the openSUSE Cloud. Special thanks again to Marcus Rueckert and Henne Vogelsang who did the migration and Ciaran Farell who did the legal analysis.