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## Motivation 
 SUSE SLE maintenance aggregate tests can fail if any of the included incident update causes a problem. The challenge is to find out which of the incident updates caused it. For this okurz created . We already have automatic investigation jobs when a failure is not known and labeled accordingly in openQA. So we should combine both and trigger "openqa-trigger-bisect-jobs" as part of the automatic investigation as well. 

 ## Acceptance criteria 
 * **AC1:** For Automatic investigation jobs for SUSE SLE maintenance aggregate test failures, `openqa-trigger-bisect-jobs` is run additionally to `openqa-investigate`, creating automatic investigation jobs failures also show results from "openqa-trigger-bisect-jobs" (on OSD only) 
 * **AC2:** We see all those investigation jobs listed in comments on the failed job 
 * **AC3:** Other jobs do not trigger `openqa-trigger-bisect-jobs` "openqa-trigger-bisect-jobs" (or the script aborts early without failure) 
 * **AC4:** **AC3:** OSD is not overwhelmed with `openqa-trigger-bisect-jobs`-jobs "openqa-trigger-bisect-jobs"-jobs 

 ## Suggestions 
 * Take a look into how we trigger investigation jobs from job done hooks. We basically call 
 * Either extend that hook or create another one 
 * Either create a new comment besides the one from openqa-investigate, or list all investigate-jobs in one comment 

 ## Further details 
 See for more context if needed