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## Acceptance criteria 
 * **AC1:** The SUSE QA storage server is used within our production and we (the team) know what is used for 

 ## Suggestions 
 * ~~Ask nsinger where to connect to, what steps to start with?~~ The hostname is `` 
 * ~~Try to connect to with the same credentials as for osd machines maintained with salt, e.g. just ssh with your user should work~~ SSH access should work at this point 
 * Add changes and make sure the changes are in salt 
     * When populating the `btrfs` filesystem `` it would make sense to create dedicated subvolumes for different things 
         * e.g. do a full or partial backup of OSD 
         * e.g. mount on OSD and configure the archiving feature to use it 
 * What is included in a complete OSD backup? also include postgres? 
 * Which backups solution to use, e.g. rsnapshot? 

 ## Further details 
 If we try to conduct a "complete OSD backup" by this we can also learn the performance impact, e.g. how long does it initially take to synchronize, how long does it take to do individual, e.g. daily syncs