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## Observation
And since openQA
The idea is widely used as a testing system. This ticket is intended to prove that the integration of rancher tests with openQA is possible, in particular in the case of the UI

## Problem
OpenQA can use the standard method of using needles to test the UI (see, but since rancher UI is
create a browser application they propose to use more appropriate tools such as selenium. This ticket covers the creation of a simple selenium test for Ranche UI

## User story
I would like to promote
openQA as a testing tool, and collaterally create the seed for a Rancher UI test with selenium

## Suggestion
Use Python as
for the main language initial pages of the test as it may be more familiar to selenium developers rancher UI
and can be run independently of openQA.

## Acceptance criteria
* AC1: Create a
add this test using python to check some parts of the Rancher UI
* AC2: Integrate in openQA as part of the
tests in group os-autoinst-distri-opensuse

Test group: