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 ===== Desktop file translations need to be moved to git and the tools updated 

 * make Currently 50-tools/ does the mechansim work with git updating but it's slow and weblate 
 * turn the old, ugly and slow scripts into something maintainable 
 * make the 

 Additionally a mechanism more generic is needed to also support translate polkit actions, 
   appdata files and mime type information 
 * maybe add some sensible grouping or priorization so translators 
   don't get overwhelmed (somehow related to package translations which 
   has to do similar things). 

 brief description of the current mechanism 

 Translations are currently stripped off desktop files in the build 
 root and are output as separate build result by 

 Then collected outside OBS by 
 The script transforms the input files to po files for translations. 
 The translated mo files are then put back into the distribution in 
 the desktop-translations package. Desktop environments then read the 
 English .desktop file strings and use gettext to get the 
 translations from mo files instead of the desktop file directly. 


 Feature request for OBS to make collecting input files for 
 translation easier: 

 There are scripts for appdata already, needs to be checked what they do actually: