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Updated by lnussel over 6 years ago

To branch the current ftp tree and isos for a milestone, log in to as mirror user and run:

distro_hardlink_copy 42.2-Current 42.2-RC1

Remove x bit for others from the directory so only staging mirrors can pull it but it's not visible on download.o.o

on release day every once in a while scan for mirrors as mirror user:

mb scan -a -d /distribution/leap/42.2-RC1 -j4

In the morning add the x bit again to make the content show up and give mirrors time to catch up adding the x bit.

At release time:

- change the symlink to the new milestone

distro_symlink 42.2 42.2-RC1

- sync the staging are to the area shown in


You may want to add '-n' before to check what it's doing and not deleting files