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rename product from openSUSE to Leap

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The CPE id of Leap should be "cpe:/o:opensuse:leap:15.2" as reported by /etc/os-release

os-release is currently hacked manually. The real change needs to be in 000package-groups/ It needs to be it needs to be renamed to




That has various implications like openSUSE-release.spec renaming to Leap-release.spec with currently unknown consequences to how eg zypp behaves.

The non-oss product also needs to be adopted

TODO list from etherpad so we don't lose it:

openSUSE.product produces a product called "openSUSE" from vendor "openSUSE". What we actually have are products called "Leap" and Tumbleweed" from vendor "openSUSE" though. In order to properly support SCC registration the information OBS has needs to be consistent. Therefore it's desirable to rename the product from openSUSE to Leap. -> ->


- Quite some packages require openSUSE-release. So there is a compat package that just requires Leap-release.

- installation-images pulls in openSUSE-release and then fails to resolve deps as the flavor package is missing. So far the flavors were build ignored via prjconf. installation-images also had an extra config to ignore an unresolvable openSUSE-release package. To avoid patching installation-images we just pull in the mini flavor:

    Prefer: Leap-release:Leap-release-mini

 - pkglistgen updating relpkgs will parsing *.product in 000product, but due to the issues below 000product don't have the proper data. Result: old openSUSE release flavor spec file were added back

 - first step of pkglistgen pipe(repochecker) failed due to openSUSE-release package is duplicated. Workaround: installcheck-ignore-duplicated-binaries = openSUSE-release

 - pkglistgen fails in progress due to was renamed however it's required by pkglistgen-locales-from

 - change pkglistgen-locales-from will breaks other stagings and main product build

 - solution: languages list moved to pkglistgen-locale attribute and leave pkglistgen-locales-from empty, thus pkglistgen fetch languages list from an attribute instead of a file

 - remember to update pkglistgen-delete-kiwis-rings and pkglistgen-delete-kiwis-staging otherwise unneeded kiwi file were there

 - update product name in the OSRT:ToTestMnagerConfig - otherwise ttm won't release snapshot to ToTest

 - repository loction needs to update in rsync_opensuse

 - the obs dashboard hardcodes the dvd name so needs to be adjusted src/api/app/models/obs_factory/distribution_strategy_*

 - needs to sync the new product name Leap-dvd5 instead of openSUSE-dvd5

 - NonFree/000release-packages/_aggregate needs to get the right release package

 - for the main repo also needs to sync correct names. The non-oss ftp tree had an inconsistent name though.

 - upgrade tests fail as the openSUSE product vanished and gets replaced by the Leap product. YaST doesnt like that and displays summary in red.

   - needed to add Provides: product() = openSUSE

   - weakremovers handling:

   - FIXME: flavor package replacement doesnt work?

   - baseproduct symlink needs to be taken care of


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Technically it's done, but Max suggested to keep this open until we can confirm that migration tests work.

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Resolved, we've indeed had to change openSUSE -> Leap identification in yast migration. This was already done. Marking as resolved

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