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In contrast to the main project (#52034) the update projects are meant to start empty. So we create them manually

  • The update projects (don't forget :NonFree) need to be created, including attributes (excl OBS:Maintained which will be added later).

  • add the new projects to openSUSE:Maintenance meta

  • The obs backend mapping file needs to be adjusted to to sync the repos to the correct place on


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I'll wait with the request once the Backports 15.3 is set up.


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  • Due date set to 2020-11-26

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Marking as done. Adrian replicated the Jump 15.2.1 :Update setup. Handling of SLE patchinfo is still TBD.


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Following was sent to maint-coord with explicit cc on Marcus and Marina

Hello team,

Adrian set up last week the Update project openSUSE:Leap:15.3:Update which agregates updates from SUSE:SLE:*Update, openSUSE:Backports, and
SLE forks and product-related packages (kiwi files, -branding) updates for packages directly under openSUSE:Leap:15.3

Structure of :Update project is based on where we've ended with openSUSE:Jump:15.2.1

We know that handling of patchinfo is still TBD, but it should be already usable for early testing.

Pleases be aware that the :Update setup is done only for SLE Architectures.

If you're interested in handling Armv7 then please refere to upcomming annoucement of openSUSE Step on mailing list (we're still reviewing draft of the annoucement).

Discussion that Marcus had with Adrian can be found here:

I'm now resolving the poo#7228 which was tracking creation of update channel.

Lubos Kocman
Release Manager openSUSE Leap

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