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Local production set up delay

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Please communicate the Board the delay we suffer in the implementation of the Local production of merchandising. We will deliver in September.

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Updated by Anonymous almost 11 years ago

I really can't find the task where you asked me to put in a process proposal so I just wrote another one (should be roughly the same)

We support the local production of materials with a cost of up to € 200 in Europe or $ 200 in the US and everywhere else. It can be used to print stickers, t-shirts, flyers and many other things.
There are many materials available in our github repository on
The process will work the same way as the Travel Support: the requestee lets us know in advance; we agree on an amount and afterward the requestee gets the money reimbursed based on the receipts.

The process:

  • Send the request to (undetermined)
  • Write what you want to produce, why and for what event. Be precise: link to the specific artwork, if possible.
  • Upon approval, create the materials.
  • Take some pictures of the materials once you have them
  • Go to the event, use the materials. Again, take pictures.
  • After the event, send the receipts with pictures and the form with details to (undetermined)
  • The receipts submitted for reimbursement must contain the itemized expenses

(it would be great if this could be build into the TSP application)

On the SUSE side, the receipts go the same way as the travel stuff.

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Updated by Anonymous almost 11 years ago

Should I mail the board or do you want to decide and just do this (let them know the process we decided upon)?

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Updated by Anonymous almost 11 years ago

Found the original proposal in a meeting we had. No idea what we decided, if the meeting took place, but here it is:

  • Recipient picks artwork from and makes a plan on what to print and how much
  • Send the request to including
    • description of what to produce and how much
    • description of the event, date, location, size, type of visitors
    • description of openSUSE people who are coming, what they will do (booth, talks, ...)
  • discuss proposal (questions can be asked, recipient sends answers asap)
  • Once confirmation is given, printing can proceed
  • After receiving materials, take a picture of all of it
  • At the event, take a picture of the booth and/or materials 'in action'
  • After event, send to
    • report of events + pictures
    • scanned receipts
    • a form?
  • receipts are forwarded to XXX in SUSE for processing and payment
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Mailed the board.

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