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Take the feature highlights and use them to compose a first draft press announcement.
Some tips:
* Remember the 3x3! From those, pick the most important features to be mentioned. Again, First, Best, Only: something noteworthy.
* The headline summarizes that we released our product ("openSUSE released 13.1"), the sub-title has the most important features that our awesome distro delivers. The following paragraph expands on those and leads to the details that follow.
* Those not reading beyond the first paragraph must know the most important news! So, most important info there. Make sure to clearly answer the 5 W's & H in the first paragraph: Who is this about? What is the actual news? When does this happen? Where does this even take place? Why this is news? How is this happening?
* Include details, numbers, facts and quotes.
* 1 page is best, 2 pages absolute maximum.

Check our previous announcements for more details. 12.3 is here:

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