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Cloud Sneak Peek

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Cloud Sneak Peak to be released in week 43 (october 21-25)
AJ/Vincent Untz/ will get a draft to us before end of week 41

  • We promote that SUSE did a release of Cloud 2.0 in September based on openStack Grizzly (April release)
  • We promote that openSUSE will contain OpenStack Havanna October release (for testing/preparation for next Cloud release)
  • We promote that SUSE will release a new Cloud release with this beginning next year (To be Discussed)


  • openSUSE doesn't contain crowbar or chef, that's integrated in SUSE Cloud
  • We take this as a paragraph for the release notes
  • Needs to go out for OpenStack Cloud Summit Nov 4-8.
  • needs to be coordinated with SUSE Marketing
  • Demo on openSUSE will happen at SUSECon


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If content is an issue, make it more a generic server article like last year.

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Found old article on news.o.o - links might be useful.
OpenStack announced that SUSE is one of only eight companies that have committed to join and support the formation of the OpenStack Foundation as a Platinum member.

The openSUSE Boosters developed openStack for openSUSE:

Now we have an openSUSE Cloud powered by openstack!

A quick start is available:

Please help us with documentation and testing: is almost empty :D

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