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consolidate upcoming features page

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We need to consolidate these two pages to avoid confusing people:


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I'm not clear what needs to be done here. One page is for the openSUSE Ambassadors/marketing people, and clearly states so. The other page is for collecting features coming in the next release, and clearly states so. Any confusion about these can't be about what their stated purpose is... The confusion about that during the last release cycle was due to either a lack of clear description on top of the pages (which exists now) or a lack of reading abilities by the confused (that does include me, I've mixed them up once or twice myself).

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Let's cite the head of one of the pages
"We don't care where you add things, as we shouldn't have two pages to begin with, sorry for that mess... "

Just get rid of the second one. The intention might be good but in practice it just adds confusion as noone takes care to write a useful summary of the features for Ambassadors ahead of time.

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I've deleted as it didn't have any content and Ambassadors don't exist anymore. It can be resurrected if a useful purpose is found again.

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