action #347

action #217: Find a sustainable way to deliver promotional items to events and ambassadors

action #307: Make plan for content of the boxes

action #345: with weight and cost estimates for possible box contents

send whatever costs and weight info you have on items you created for marketing things

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like posters, flyers, stickers - if you've done some of this in the past in nue, pls send me the costs estimate and weight if you can, too. Don't spend hours on it, if you can't find it in your mail box or another obvious place, don't bother and close this. Otherwise, put it here or mail it to jos.


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I only ordered the stickers (more are cheaper of course). Cwh maybe knows about the price of printing posters at the print shop.

Objekt: Aufkleber
Auflage: 2.000 Stück
Format: 52 x 74 mm
Druck: 2/0-farbig, Siebdruck mit Weißunterdruckung
Material: transparente Haftfolie, Rückseite geschlitzt
Verarbeitung: Geschnitten
Daten: erhalten wir druckfertig von Ihnen

Preis: 227,78 EUR/netto zzgl. MwSt. + Versand

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Printing Posters at the local copyshop:

Color Prints A3, single sided, 80g/m² paper
price scale
50 pcs 42.50€
100 pcs 70.00€
500 pcs 125.00€

For heavier paper it is a bit more expensive but I don't have any details about that here atm.

I only can calculate the weight: 100pcs are around 1kg.

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Thanks guys.

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