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review and potentially submit sle candidates

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Release Engineering
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The list of packages updated in leap needs to be reviewed and candidates submitted:


#1 Updated by lnussel about 5 years ago

  • Due date changed from 2017-02-28 to 2017-05-31
  • Assignee set to boombatower

Jimmy could you please take a look at the list and check if we missed any important packages to merge back to SLE?

#2 Updated by boombatower about 5 years ago

Any specific criteria to use?

  • newer in SLE (especially if origin is FORK, but obviously will need to build)

The list you linked to being SLE updates in SP3?

#3 Updated by lnussel about 5 years ago

The list is packages in 42.2 with differences to SP2. The situation is no problem for us in general. However, it's an opportunity for SLE to sync with some fixes. Also, after talking to maintenance they would like to know if we have trivial fixes in Leap. They put such things in a backlog to collect when other more important reasons justify an update.

#4 Updated by boombatower about 5 years ago

Reviewed the 265 packages without a comment in the etherpad. Created 27 submit requests and file bug for maintenance to review packages that contain fixes no present in SLE and a few that are diverged on the same version:

  • ceph-deploy: created request sr#497904
  • gstreamer-0_10-plugins-base: created request sr#497919
  • gstreamer-0_10-plugins-good: created request sr#497920
  • libusbmuxd: created request sr#497927
  • libx86emu: created request sr#497928
  • libXfont: created request sr#497930
  • libxkbcommon: created request sr#497931
  • libXrandr: created request sr#497932
  • Mesa-demo: created request sr#497936
  • mozc: created request sr#497937
  • nghttp2: created request sr#497940
  • nrpe: created request sr#497941
  • openblas: created request sr#497942
  • pidgin: created request sr#497943
  • policycoreutils: created request sr#497944
  • python-ethtool: created request sr#497948
  • python-execnet: created request sr#497949
  • python-pyroute2: created request sr#497951
  • python-remoto: created request sr#497954
  • rubygem-packaging_rake_tasks: created request sr#497959
  • rubygem-yast-rake: created request sr#497961
  • tigervnc: created request sr#497965
  • vncmanager-controller: created request sr#497966
  • xf86-video-nv: created request sr#497969
  • xf86-video-r128: created request sr#497970
  • xrandr: created request sr#497974
  • yast2-trans: created request sr#497975

#5 Updated by boombatower almost 5 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Feedback

#6 Updated by boombatower almost 5 years ago

Anything else to be done?

#7 Updated by lnussel almost 5 years ago

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#12 Updated by lnussel over 4 years ago

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