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# Test cases migrate and maintain guideline 

 ## Overall test case structure 
 ### Acceptance testing 
 * We will have a parent task for all acceptance test cases: 
 * We will add sub tasks under the parent task 

 ### Regression testing 
 * We will have a parent task for all regression test cases: 
 * We will use category to mark if the test case has already been automated 
 * We will use parent-sub task mode to mark the specific component 
 * We will use the target version field to mark which release we are testing 

 ## Clone test cases 
 * We need to clone the latest MASTER regression test ticket and all its sub tasks When a new release is comming 
 * We don't need to clone the MASTER acceptance test ticket when a new release is coming 
 * We need to clone specific acceptance tickets depending on need when a new milestone acceptance test is coming 

 ### The format of the subject 
 * The subject should be started with [Regression] OR [Acceptance] 

 > For [Regression] test cases, the second key word should be the component of the test case, e.g [NetworkManager] 
 > For [Acceptance] test cases, the second and third key word should be the exact milestone and build number. e.g [Alpha4][151.1] 

 * The priority of the ticket  

 > P0 -> Immediate 
 > P1 -> Urgent 
 > P2 -> High 
 > P3 -> Normal 
 > P4 -> Low 

 ### The status of the ticket/ test case: 
 * The default of the test case is NEW 
 * The test case will be marked as RESOLVED when test passed,  
 * The test case will be marked as REJECTED if there's any critical bugs found 
 * The corresponding SUT build number should be included in the comment when updating the status 

 ## Test preparation 
 * Before regression test execution, we always clone the    regression test tickets used by the last release as a base for the upcoming release. 
 * Before acceptance test execution for each milestone, we clone acceptance tickets from