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06:25 pm openSUSE admin tickets #18496 (Rejected): missing packages on
nicolasbock wrote:
> Some packages that exist here [1] do not exist here [2]. Why is that?
> [1] http://downloa...


04:08 pm openSUSE admin tickets #18716 (Closed): no ipv6 address for
Leftover from the DNS Migration (need to check this for ALL openSUSE hosts, but this is another topic).
~> host wi...
12:10 pm openSUSE admin tickets #18810 (Closed): -> (HTTP-301 for...
Sorry, missed that ones. Fixed now.


01:31 pm openSUSE admin communication #18456: 2017-05-07 18:00 UTC: openSUSE:Heroes meeting May 2017
Regarding the "Support other Open Source communities", I assume openSUSE should meanwhile have enough (virtual) resou...


12:10 pm openSUSE admin has come home
In the old setup only the MF IT team could do DNS changes for us in their DNS appliance. So we always had to run thro...


03:09 pm openSUSE admin Testing status page:
The new status page of the openSUSE infrastructure team provides updates on how the systems of the openSUSE community...


03:44 pm openSUSE admin tickets #17416: fix download.o.o stylesheet
darix wrote:
> I dont understand what you want to do lars.
regarding *mod_autoindex-defaults.conf*:

02:43 pm openSUSE admin tickets #17416: fix download.o.o stylesheet wrote:
> links to
02:38 pm openSUSE admin tickets #17416: fix download.o.o stylesheet
Note: we might even go further and add some header to each download.o.o content - like the openSUSE Education team di...


05:58 pm openSUSE admin tickets #17280 (Resolved): new tickets go into "communication" tracker

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