From 2014-08-25 to 2014-09-23


08:37 action #3742 (In Progress): missing abiword.desktopfiles and others
Found the bug, need to recompile *everything* ;( coolo
08:11 action #3742 (Resolved): missing abiword.desktopfiles and others
The buildlog doesn't show any desktopfiles extracted even though there is a desktop file in the package:
08:07 action #3518 (Resolved): obsolete BNC847880_QT_cirrus
done coolo
08:06 action #3050 (Resolved): openQA: sync 13.2 ISOs too
testing 13.2 already coolo
08:06 action #3674 (Resolved): Rename live ISOs to 13.2
openSUSE-13.2-GNOME-Live-x86_64-Build1.2-Media.iso coolo


06:56 action #3432: add 13.2 (beta1) in bugzilla
I now added 13.2 Beta1 to the factory product. Not ideal but worked for 13.1 too coolo


09:40 action #3428 (In Progress): setup 13.2
I think it's done, but the pull request ( has to be merged and I won... alarrosa
09:33 action #3518: obsolete BNC847880_QT_cirrus
I've created a real fix instead of a workaround as explained in bnc#847880 and removed the workaround from shumski fr... alarrosa


10:24 action #3674 (Resolved): Rename live ISOs to 13.2
Right now the live media build openSUSE-Factory isos - need to fix that after Beta to avoid another rebuild coolo


14:24 action #3670 (Resolved): Trigger an online update for pullin-flash
We need to do an update for pullin-* so they are actually pulling - we forgot for 13.1 coolo
12:09 action #3436 (In Progress): adjust software.o.o for 13.2 (Beta 1)
07:05 action #3432: add 13.2 (beta1) in bugzilla
mailed susanne about NPP coolo


12:07 action #3434 (In Progress): verify piwik works
10:59 action #3434: verify piwik works
Checked on 15/09/2014 (Mon). Works. aplanas
10:55 action #3518: obsolete BNC847880_QT_cirrus
shumski patched libqt4 - coolo


11:36 action #3614 (Resolved): Reimplement promo DVD Gefrickel
It's at the moment impossible to build promo DVDs. If we still need them, we need to resurrect that coolo


13:52 action #3450 (Resolved): create repo-md, ARCHIVES.gz, ChangeLog, ls-lR.gz etc
done now so it gets off my list :) coolo
12:25 action #3500: DVD menu needs to contain version string
talked to steffen about it as he returned from vacation coolo
12:16 action #3442 (Resolved): community repos for 13.2
let's handle everything else as bug coolo
07:27 action #3426 (Closed): switch openSUSE cert to 4096 bits
done lnussel


10:54 action #3448 (Resolved): create droplist


13:59 action #3448: create droplist
to create a solv file for 13.1 I did
12036 mkdir 13.1
12037 wget
13:44 action #3448: create droplist
import sys
import solv
pool = solv.Pool()
sysrepo = pool.add_repo("@System")
13:00 action #3540 (Closed): make sure nvidia packager is available for GA
the nvidia packager needs to be available to create matching drivers for the release lnussel
12:59 action #3538 (Rejected): tell wiki admins to switch wiki to static
the wiki needs to be switched to a static version for the release to avoid overload lnussel
12:22 action #3424: Create Release schedule
I updated coolo
11:32 action #3442 (In Progress): community repos for 13.2
11:21 action #3518: obsolete BNC847880_QT_cirrus
for Antonio maybe? lnussel
07:12 action #3422: Clarify Documentation status
open source press also needs to know about the docu status as they rely on suse to provide them the final pdf lnussel


13:36 action #3442: community repos for 13.2
I created a first version - copied 13.1 and removed banshee coolo
13:31 action #3518 (Resolved): obsolete BNC847880_QT_cirrus
Either we fix the bug (unlikely admittedly) or at least the system detects itself that cirrus needs a different QT sy... coolo


11:22 action #3500: DVD menu needs to contain version string
Note: this affects both grub2 on installation medium and gfxboot coolo
11:13 action #3500 (Rejected): DVD menu needs to contain version string
As the branding of grub2 doesn't contain the version number in the graphics (wouldn't make sense in factory), we need... coolo
07:55 action #3428: setup 13.2
I can work on this, but I guess someone will have to give me permissions to be able to modify (a... alarrosa


08:53 action #3426: switch openSUSE cert to 4096 bits
Better do it now while shim is unsigned anyway coolo
08:35 action #3426 (Closed): switch openSUSE cert to 4096 bits
We need to be more compliant coolo
08:45 action #3446 (Rejected): update droplist for 13.2
08:40 action #3446 (Rejected): update droplist for 13.2
08:44 action #3450 (Resolved): create repo-md, ARCHIVES.gz, ChangeLog, ls-lR.gz etc
the job to create ARCHIVES.gz, ChangeLog, ls-lR.gz etc needs to be enabled
--- openSUSE.product (revision 20)
08:44 action #3448 (Resolved): create droplist
the weak provides for the list needs to be generated
[please fill details how to do that]
08:40 action #3444 (Resolved): add 13.2 to OBS distributions
obs needs a button to easily add 13.2 as build repo coolo
08:39 action #3442 (Resolved): community repos for 13.2
08:38 action #3440 (Closed): Publish announcement of Beta 1
08:38 action #3438 (Rejected): Call for testing - BetaPizza Parties
08:38 action #3436 (Closed): adjust software.o.o for 13.2 (Beta 1)
08:37 action #3434 (Closed): verify piwik works
08:37 action #3432 (Resolved): add 13.2 (beta1) in bugzilla
08:36 action #3430 (Resolved): send shim to signing
08:36 action #3428 (Resolved): setup 13.2
08:34 action #3424 (Resolved): Create Release schedule
We finally need to announce deadlines coolo
08:34 action #3422 (Closed): Clarify Documentation status
we need to clarify if the SLE12 topics are covered for 13.2 too and what about release notes coolo


11:01 action #3078 (Closed): adapt check_command to the new dashboard route
Done (with the new urls decided during the sprint wrap up meeting) by ancorgs
10:59 action #3048 (Closed): we need a 13.2 route in the dashboard
Routes adapted according to discussion. Now the engine is mounted in "/" and urls mimic the internal OBS ones /projec... ancorgs
08:07 action #3046 (Resolved): avoid hard coding Factory

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