From 2014-07-10 to 2014-08-08


12:29 action #3044 (Resolved): staging plugin: allow to work on 13.2
10:16 action #3088 (Closed): openqa buildview and factory dashboard show none for jobs
It should look for 'none' results into the state, so it shows instead of none: 15, scheduled: 11, running: 4 coolo
09:38 action #3086 (Resolved): debug why recommended packages are not on the dvd anymore
after moving the package list generator to the new vm the recommends are no longer generated lnussel


11:25 action #3078 (Closed): adapt check_command to the new dashboard route
osc staging -p 13.2 check is checking the factory route coolo
10:42 action #3044 (In Progress): staging plugin: allow to work on 13.2
PoC for the staging pluging: aplanas


13:23 action #3052 (Closed): openQA: allow to have different branch for tests for 13.2
(and make it master for now too, but later we want to branch) coolo
13:22 action #3050 (Resolved): openQA: sync 13.2 ISOs too
openQA needs to sync DVDs of 13.2 staging prjs coolo
13:21 action #3048 (Closed): we need a 13.2 route in the dashboard
Now that 13.2 has staging prjs too, we need to be able to pull the infos from obs_factory about 13.2 staging prjs coolo
13:20 action #3046 (Resolved): avoid hard coding Factory
This script should be able to work on 13.2 staging DVDs too, possibly even taking a different testcase file coolo
13:17 action #3044 (Resolved): staging plugin: allow to work on 13.2
I need to osc staging freeze A but for 13.2 not for factory, e.g. by means of osc staging -r 13.2 freeze A coolo

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