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# Tracker Status Subject Estimated time
951 action Closed remove test updates from the patterns
941 action Resolved enable repo-md in non-oss repo
939 action Closed make counter.o.o/link point to new portal
937 action Resolved openqa: add bug fix for kde rendering error
930 action Closed adjust knapsack for RC2
928 action Closed check knapsack is working
921 action Closed openqa: use IO::Select
920 action Resolved openqa: fix gnucash test fail
917 action Resolved openqa: add handles to adjust prio
910 action Closed openqa: reboot test fails
908 action Closed openqa: fix zypper up
907 action Closed get quotes for 50 blank DVD
906 action Resolved openqa: fix stylesheet for smaller resolutions
905 action Closed openqa: fix live cd console fonts
903 action Closed check status of openstack
902 action Closed check status of ARM
899 action Resolved change release-notes link
897 action Closed sign iso images
892 action Closed sync the release to the mirrors
891 action Resolved prepare
890 action Resolved merge back maintenance updates
889 action Resolved openqa: make is_authorized_rw() configurable
874 action Closed create droplist
873 action Closed create repo-md, ARCHIVES.gz, ChangeLog, ls-lR.gz etc
872 action Resolved send annoucement mail to factory and project
871 action Resolved get quote for DVD manufacturing
868 action Resolved make sure repo button is in obs
863 action Resolved Bugzilla evalution for BtrFS RC2 1.00
861 action Resolved Measure Factory users that used DVD medium to install
859 action Closed graph about # of BtrFS installations in RC1 1.00
850 action Closed openqa: fix GNOME live tests 3.00
848 action Closed openqa: debug gnome crash
838 action Closed openqa: implement before/after x11 differently
837 action Resolved openqa: gnome application tests
836 action Resolved openqa: fix amarok test
835 action Resolved openqa: fix kde+laptop test
832 action Resolved openqa: fix needles for uefi
804 action Resolved openqa: debug aplay fail
790 action Resolved graph about # of BtrFS installations in rc1
753 action Resolved verify piwik works 1.00
743 action Closed find a tool to convert mediawiki to pdf
722 action Closed update wiki 1.00
721 action Closed update 1.00
719 action Closed
646 action Closed Create event pages on Facebook, Google+
645 action Closed Update release party wiki pages
644 action Closed Write release party invitation article
438 action Closed Get developers to add their features to our features list 2.00
417 action Closed Send some info about RC 2 for the announcement to jos 1.00
416 action Closed Write announcement of RC 2 3.00
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