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867 action Closed prepare Actions
866 action Resolved merge back maintenance updates Actions
865 action Closed sync the release to the mirrors Actions
864 action Closed sign iso images Actions
860 action Closed Create in RC2 a graph about # of BtrFS installations Actions
853 action Closed openqa: rsync factory-snapshot too Actions
852 action Closed Analysis btrfs in Beta 1: bugzilla 2.00 Actions
851 action Closed openqa: needle editor crash Actions
840 action Closed update slide show Actions
830 action Closed Add openSUSE 13.1 to bugzilla Actions
829 action Resolved openqa: fix reboot test 4.00 Actions
828 action Closed openqa: add workaround for bug 834165 Actions
821 action Closed Define specific actions related with btrfs for RC1 Actions
815 action Closed notify greek translation team that they need to go to 100% Actions
805 action Closed openqa: debug plymouth fail Actions
798 action Closed tell open source press the plan about active doc Actions
789 action Closed graph about # of BtrFS installations in beta1 Actions
788 action Closed Create in Beta 1 a graph about # of BtrFS installations 11.X and 12.X (2011 - 2013) Actions
787 action Closed Measure Factory users that used DVD medium to install Actions
785 action Closed remove btrfs diaog Actions
756 action Closed ping translators Actions
752 action Resolved verify piwik works 1.00 Actions
740 action Closed close old Factory bugs Actions
739 action Closed develop script to ask packagers about features Actions
720 action Closed request new box image and link Actions
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