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# Tracker Status Subject Estimated time
357 action Closed Release notes during installation 32.00
662 action Closed Refactor the counter script 10.00
748 action Closed try deployment of 4.00
730 action Closed Call for testing - BetaPizza Parties article 4.00
414 action Resolved Write an article about adding the last packages and updates in time for openSUSE 13.1 Beta 1 4.00
408 action Closed Write announcement of Beta 1 3.00
597 action Closed Polishing and publishing the document 2.00
551 action Closed openSUSE Hackathons 2.00
816 action Closed adjust software.o.o for B1 1.00
813 action Closed Announce internally at SUSE the Beta Release and btrf 1.00
811 action Closed openqa: adjust for btrfs popup 1.00
783 action Closed promote beta medium internally 1.00
751 action Resolved verify piwik works 1.00
750 action Closed communicate OBS freeze times to OBS team 1.00
744 action Closed update 1.00
409 action Closed Send some info about Beta 1 for the announcement to jos 1.00
812 action Resolved add beta1 in bugzilla
810 action Closed Include the pop-up for testing btrfs in Beta announcement
809 action Closed Announce the pop-up in factory mailing list
808 action Closed Announce the pop-up in Beta for testing btrfs
807 action Closed openqa: debug gnome blue screen
803 action Closed openqa: debug usbinst fail
802 action Closed openqa: port to JSON-RPC 1.0
800 action Closed include greek on the dvd
797 action Resolved remove manuals from dvds
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