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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Priority Status Subject Author Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
476openSUSE 13.1 ReleaseactionLowClosedCreate release counter for oS 13.1Anonymous13.1 RC118/09/2013Blocks #715, Blocks #728, Copied to #4098
462openSUSE 13.1 ReleaseactionNormalClosedget Microsoft Azure accountAnonymous13.1 RC124/10/2013
459openSUSE 13.1 ReleaseactionNormalClosedFind out what clouds we are active onAnonymous13.1 RC110/10/2013Blocks #458
412openSUSE 13.1 ReleaseactionNormalClosedSend some info about RC 1 for the announcement to josAnonymousscarabeus_iv13.1 RC109/10/2013
411openSUSE 13.1 ReleaseactionNormalClosedWrite announcement of RC 1Anonymous13.1 RC110/10/2013Related to #852
410openSUSE 13.1 ReleaseactionNormalClosedPublish announcement of RC 1Anonymous13.1 RC110/10/2013
860openSUSE 13.1 ReleaseactionNormalClosed Create in RC2 a graph about # of BtrFS installationsaplanasaplanas13.1 RC131/10/2013Copied from #788
830openSUSE 13.1 ReleaseactionHighClosedAdd openSUSE 13.1 to bugzillacoololnussel13.1 RC108/10/2013
867openSUSE 13.1 ReleaseactionNormalClosedprepare software.opensuse.orglnusselancorgs13.1 RC111/10/2013Copied to #891, Copied to #4036
866openSUSE 13.1 ReleaseactionNormalResolvedmerge back maintenance updateslnusselscarabeus_iv13.1 RC109/10/2013Copied to #890, Copied to #4034
865openSUSE 13.1 ReleaseactionNormalClosedsync the release to the mirrorslnussellnussel13.1 RC110/10/2013Blocked by #864, Copied to #892
864openSUSE 13.1 ReleaseactionNormalClosedsign iso imageslnusselscarabeus_iv13.1 RC110/10/2013Blocks #865, Copied to #897
853openSUSE 13.1 ReleaseactionNormalClosedopenqa: rsync factory-snapshot toolnussellnussel13.1 RC110/10/2013
851openSUSE 13.1 ReleaseactionNormalClosedopenqa: needle editor crashlnusselancorgs13.1 RC110/10/2013
840openSUSE 13.1 ReleaseactionHighClosedupdate slide showlnusselmlin744213.1 RC108/10/2013Copied to #4032
829openSUSE 13.1 ReleaseactionNormalResolvedopenqa: fix reboot testlnusselcwh13.1 RC109/10/2013
828openSUSE 13.1 ReleaseactionNormalClosedopenqa: add workaround for bug 834165lnussellnussel13.1 RC124/09/2013
815openSUSE 13.1 ReleaseactionNormalClosednotify greek translation team that they need to go to 100%lnussellnussel13.1 RC120/09/2013
805openSUSE 13.1 ReleaseactionNormalClosedopenqa: debug plymouth faillnussel13.1 RC107/10/2013
798openSUSE 13.1 ReleaseactionNormalClosedtell open source press the plan about active doclnussel13.1 RC120/09/2013
789openSUSE 13.1 ReleaseactionNormalClosedgraph about # of BtrFS installations in beta1lnusselaplanas13.1 RC110/10/2013Related to #810, Copied to #859
788openSUSE 13.1 ReleaseactionNormalClosed Create in Beta 1 a graph about # of BtrFS installations 11.X and 12.X (2011 - 2013)lnusselaplanas13.1 RC104/10/2013Copied to #860
787openSUSE 13.1 ReleaseactionNormalClosedMeasure Factory users that used DVD medium to installlnusselaplanas13.1 RC127/09/2013Copied to #861
785openSUSE 13.1 ReleaseactionNormalClosedremove btrfs diaoglnussellnussel13.1 RC102/10/2013
756openSUSE 13.1 ReleaseactionNormalClosedping translatorslnusselmlin744213.1 RC109/10/2013

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