From 2013-07-01 to 2013-07-30


15:30 action #597 (Closed): Polishing and publishing the document
Once the document is finished, Jos will polish it, give format to it and publish it on openSUSE infrastructure. We wi... toscalix
15:29 action #596 (Closed): Documentation sprint
Once we have the table of contents of the document we need to write, we will make a short sprint to write the documen... toscalix
15:26 analysis #595 (Closed): Current documentation analisys
The current documentation needs to be analized in order to define the table of contents of the final document as well... toscalix
15:24 action #594 (Resolved): Factory development process documentation
Document the development process done in Factory. We will use the current documentation, that needs to be updated and... toscalix


09:11 action #402: Send some info about milestone 3 for the announcement to jos
A *very* busy milestone
GNOME 3.9.3 (3.10 Beta)
KDE 4.10.90 (4.11 Beta)
system ca certificates based on p11-kit ...


11:37 action #579 (Closed): Get info from Cloud article into Feature Guide
See task #437 Anonymous
11:34 action #578 (Closed): Take draft to news.o.o and ready for publishing
11:34 action #577 (Closed): Coordinate with SUSE Marketing about Cloud Sneak Peek
Check with SUSE marketeers what their plans are now that SUSE Cloud 2.0 is released (last September) and OpenStack Cl... Anonymous
11:32 action #576 (Closed): Get draft of Cloud article to oS team marketing
The SUSE Cloud team gets a draft of the Cloud Sneak Peek to the oS team.
* We promote that SUSE did a rele...
11:28 action #575 (Closed): Cloud Sneak Peek
Cloud Sneak Peak to be released in week 43 (october 21-25)
AJ/Vincent Untz/ will get a draft to us before end of wee...

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