From 2013-06-24 to 2013-07-23


15:30 action #597 (Closed): Polishing and publishing the document
Once the document is finished, Jos will polish it, give format to it and publish it on openSUSE infrastructure. We wi... toscalix
15:29 action #596 (Closed): Documentation sprint
Once we have the table of contents of the document we need to write, we will make a short sprint to write the documen... toscalix
15:26 analysis #595 (Closed): Current documentation analisys
The current documentation needs to be analized in order to define the table of contents of the final document as well... toscalix
15:24 action #594 (Resolved): Factory development process documentation
Document the development process done in Factory. We will use the current documentation, that needs to be updated and... toscalix


09:11 action #402: Send some info about milestone 3 for the announcement to jos
A *very* busy milestone
GNOME 3.9.3 (3.10 Beta)
KDE 4.10.90 (4.11 Beta)
system ca certificates based on p11-kit ...


11:37 action #579 (Closed): Get info from Cloud article into Feature Guide
See task #437 Anonymous
11:34 action #578 (Closed): Take draft to news.o.o and ready for publishing
11:34 action #577 (Closed): Coordinate with SUSE Marketing about Cloud Sneak Peek
Check with SUSE marketeers what their plans are now that SUSE Cloud 2.0 is released (last September) and OpenStack Cl... Anonymous
11:32 action #576 (Closed): Get draft of Cloud article to oS team marketing
The SUSE Cloud team gets a draft of the Cloud Sneak Peek to the oS team.
* We promote that SUSE did a rele...
11:28 action #575 (Closed): Cloud Sneak Peek
Cloud Sneak Peak to be released in week 43 (october 21-25)
AJ/Vincent Untz/ will get a draft to us before end of wee...


11:14 action #560: consolidate upcoming features page
Let's cite the head of one of the pages
"We don't care where you add things, as we shouldn't have two pages to begin...
10:26 action #571 (Closed): make sure all opensuse bug reports are public
opensuse package changelogs must not refer to private bug reports as the reviewers may not be able to read them then.... lnussel
10:25 action #570 (Closed): run openqa on important packages in staging projects
some packages always need to be tested via openqa from staging projects already, such as systemd or udev, before they... lnussel


15:30 action #560 (Feedback): consolidate upcoming features page
I'm not clear what needs to be done here. One page is for the openSUSE Ambassadors/marketing people, and clearly stat... Anonymous
11:34 action #512: openSUSE 13.1 Release Process: Lunch and Learn session
Jos: marketing
Coolo: development process
Alberto: QA
Ludwig: Schedule
Cwh: takes care of setting up live stream
11:31 action #398 (Closed): Publish announcement of Milestone 2
11:30 action #400 (Closed): Write announcement of Milestone 2
11:29 action #399 (Closed): Send some info about milestone 2 for the announcement to jos
11:23 coordination #556 (Resolved): Meeting with SUSE Teams involved in this release
AJ is busy this week. Moved to next week. lnussel

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