From 2013-03-04 to 2013-04-02


15:02 action #290 (Closed): review manuals: administration, security, kvm
review guides for administration, security and kvm lnussel
15:01 action #289 (Closed): review manuals: startup guide, desktops, libreoffice
review startup guide, KDE and GNOME manuals as well as libreoffice guide lnussel
14:59 action #288 (Closed): review manuals
The manuals should be reviewed in a first round to check for outdated information in order for the documentation depa... lnussel


17:25 action #270 (Resolved): revamp is too unstructured. It should present the relevant information in a better wa... lnussel
17:24 action #269 (Resolved): update with USB stick instructions only talks about DVD images and how to burn them. The link to the USB instructions is well hidd... lnussel
16:42 action #267 (Closed): create 13.1 release schedule
Create a schedule based on the agreed dates
2013-11-08 - internal GM
2013-11-12 - official GM announced on SUSEco...


16:39 action #175: deployment push access to
we need to talk to Matthew Ehle lnussel


08:46 action #175 (Feedback): deployment push access to
Who does this task? Is there any insides about it? toscalix


12:20 action #178 (Closed): allocate docu ressources for 13.1
Docu ressources for 13.1 need to be allocated early,
UEFI and Secure boot need to be documented properly for example.
12:19 action #177 (Closed): evaluate Factory development process
we need to re-evaluate the way packages go into Factory
For example the current approach is not test driven, package...
12:02 action #175 (Closed): deployment push access to
there were attempts to have push access to so we dont need provo admins for deployment. this efforts... lnussel

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