From 2013-04-07 to 2013-05-06


16:55 action #200 (Closed): Numbers of hits in webs
16:52 report #316: Check a rephrase of the report
I did it in conclusions. toscalix
16:51 report #133: openSUSE Release report
Done the first attempt for conclusions and recommendations. Tomorrow I will go over it again. Waiting for feedback fr... toscalix


11:18 action #200 (Resolved): Numbers of hits in webs
Updated the hits using the PIWIK information. aplanas
11:17 action #199: Download numbers
Updated the report with the 1 month data. Redo two of the graphs to show the actual numbers. aplanas
11:16 action #199 (Resolved): Download numbers


10:33 action #315 (Rejected): Idea came up to write an 'openSUSE for OLD geekos'
Won't be 12.3 related, so late. Let's do this perhaps for the next release... Anonymous
10:31 report #316 (Feedback): Check a rephrase of the report
Suggest to let KDE & GNOME parts be done by marketing people, that is not too hard based on announcements from those ... Anonymous
10:22 action #139 (Resolved): sneak peek arm
Published at Anonymous
10:21 communication #189 (In Progress): Interview with journalist: publication
You checked it, asked him to put it in text instead. We're waiting for his feedback. Anonymous
10:20 action #201 (Resolved): Update of the social media data
Numbers are all up-to-date now in github. Anonymous
10:13 action #201: Update of the social media data
Please provide to the report the numbers collected by the end of April to find out the impact of the Release the mont... toscalix
10:16 action #243 (Rejected): Sneak Peak Snapper or Cloud stuff
If it comes, it won't be 12.3 material I would say :(
So, closing this.
10:11 action #199 (In Progress): Download numbers
I need the numbers for 1 month to be included in the report toscalix
10:11 action #200 (In Progress): Numbers of hits in webs
Please provide numbers for 1 month after the release and include them in the report toscalix


17:09 report #133: openSUSE Release report
When Alberto comes back, he need to update the 1 month after the release data. The report will be finished next week ... toscalix


11:23 action #199 (Closed): Download numbers
11:23 analysis #207 (Closed): fill in report
11:22 action #242 (Closed): openSUSE for new Geekos article
11:22 action #139: sneak peek arm
done? lnussel


13:14 action #181 (Closed): collect press mentions


17:56 report #316 (Closed): Check a rephrase of the report
I have changed the conclusions in the [ toscalix

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