From 2013-03-03 to 2013-04-01


11:23 action #264: Add an option to control the error tolerance of waitinststage.
waitinststage is no more, but waitforneedle needs different logics too coolo
11:22 action #259 (In Progress): Adapt the test definitions to the new matching
waitinststage is gone, the needles will be maintained forever so I would set this to done - but I can't set that status coolo
11:21 action #258 (In Progress): Convert images from PPM to PNG and resize the images to a fixed size.
It's done but I can't set that status coolo
11:20 action #263 (In Progress): Replace the image matching based on md5 sums by openCV.
It's done, but I'm not allowed to set that status coolo
11:18 action #286 (Closed): add a needle editor
We need an easy way to match screenshots against the set of needles and adjust the needles - e.g. by adding areas of ... coolo


14:39 Revision 5df692b5: more needles and checks for it
13:31 action #285 (Closed): port qemu backend to qmp
Right now we have to sleep (or busy loop) to be sure that the command entered qemu. With qmp you get an answer and ca... coolo


20:50 action #284 (Closed): find out what livecdreboot handles for users-reboot
the does some OCR and it's unclear what it's checking there. it means we're running OCR on the kd... coolo
10:50 action #283 (Closed): add function to verify a needle is no longer present
e.g. in the timezone test we want to verify that after alt-n appears a different screen. but we don't care which one ... coolo
08:26 action #282 (Closed): find out what distri/opensuse/inst.d/ is all about
What splash screen is that? coolo
08:00 action #281 (Closed): make license warning clever
distri/opensuse/inst.d/ should check for either license or welcome - right now it's pressing alt-o anyw... coolo


17:37 action #280 (Closed): Machine
Hardware requirement and date to have the server available are needed. Send to Agustin for Roland. toscalix
17:35 action #279 (Closed): Describe the microtasks for T1 and T2
we need to have clearly described the microtasks of the current rtask block and the following in order to verify the ... toscalix
17:32 coordination #278 (Closed): Template for the reports
After every big task there must be a report. The template will be done by Alberto and has to be filled by every perso... toscalix
17:27 analysis #277 (Closed): Assignment of the tasks.
Every task must be assigned to a participant. Every subtask too. The task assignee is in control of every subtask toscalix
17:25 Revision 17ccf188: replaced some waitinststages by waitforneedle
Christopher Hofmann
17:25 action #276: Communication plan
Meeting with the QA people? Lnch and Learn? What are we going to tell the community? What to do if someone wants to j... toscalix
17:20 action #276 (Closed): Communication plan
Define the Communication plan. Define a standard plan for marketing our projects and define the particular actions fo... toscalix
17:17 action #275 (Closed): Previous documentation in the wiki
The chili wiki is the entry level for the external users. We need to add the basic info about the project toscalix
17:03 action #274 (Closed): Add git repository to Chili
For this project we need to add the repo we will use toscalix
17:02 action #273 (Closed): Add Issue categories to the project tracker
Check other project categories and add them to this project toscalix
16:55 action #272 (Closed): Meetings plan
Plan the regular control meetings and the check points (Go/No go) toscalix
13:44 Revision a405cb39: add more needles
11:46 Revision 64092df7: queue file names of screenshots and avoid dups


21:46 Revision 881bf73b: implement a needle search - taking optionally an array reference
21:06 Revision fbc10014: parse the distribution needles
17:55 Revision 893b27e4: Merge branch 'master' of
Alberto Planas
17:55 Revision 9aa1535f: Clean image_search, using the search_TEMPLATE function
Alberto Planas
17:19 Revision 2443c900: make sure we only sleep till the rest of the interval
17:01 Revision 932922cd: rework the take_screenshot to not write out the png if it's the same
Just rely on symlinks coolo
17:00 Revision b1587920: adding a test needle
16:31 Revision aaf44df3: remove md5 checksums
15:30 Revision 7d2c0bd6: Add similarity test.
Alberto Planas
15:29 Revision 234b614b: Fix width and height in scale method.
Alberto Planas
15:24 Revision 7289c292: Change the value for similar images
Alberto Planas
15:02 action #265 (Rejected): Make test scheduler smarter
Should become requirement/dependency based, not using a fixed order.
14:34 action #264 (Closed): Add an option to control the error tolerance of waitinststage.
* Fail after timeout
* try to continue after timeout
* do not timeout
Both, a global option and per function call
14:32 action #263 (Closed): Replace the image matching based on md5 sums by openCV.
14:28 action #260 (Closed): Make timeouts globally configurable.
14:27 action #259 (Closed): Adapt the test definitions to the new matching
14:24 action #258 (Closed): Convert images from PPM to PNG and resize the images to a fixed size.
800x600 for saving disk space. cwh
14:23 action #257 (Closed): rewrite qemu monitor backend to use json
use json (QMP) interface instead of the monitor command line for humans
14:07 Revision d2560a82: remove the use of image_differ and use image_simliarity instead
11:55 Revision 361a572f: use symlinks instead of hardlinks for duplicated images - much easier to work with
11:44 Revision 13a89536: Fix typo in documentation.
Alberto Planas
11:40 Revision bf73e0e0: Add image_similarity using PSNR.
Alberto Planas
10:51 Revision 462e9c38: Add image_scale code.
Alberto Planas
10:51 Revision 9de30d24: Add prototypes in xs.
Alberto Planas
09:34 Revision 55e4bddc: wait for ppms to finish from kvm
08:55 Revision 88e0200c: Add image_scale and image_similarity signatures.
Alberto Planas
08:45 Revision 634a1cd4: Add std:: namespace in some vectors.
Alberto Planas
07:27 Revision ea7de0ae: wait for the qemu screenshot to appear - we have no other way than busy sleep ;(


20:20 Revision cdb434a3: save pngs instead of ppm
19:54 Revision 756dd4da: fix initial bootstrap
17:02 Revision 54688c5f: fix some crashes in the perl bindings
15:29 Revision 8640b99b: catch errors in image_differ
15:07 Revision 1138e122: Add image_differ and image_avgcolor functions.
Alberto Planas
14:13 Revision 1a05d194: add a destroy function, helps to surive
13:53 Revision d908f7aa: port more of ppm usage to tinycv
11:53 Revision 50cde3c4: implement threshold function
11:25 Revision 6d5297ae: implement copyrect and replacerect
11:00 Revision 7cc25263: add xres and yres
10:54 Revision 54daeacb: calculate md5sum from the ppm content (for now)
09:27 Revision fd677907: add a test case for the stage detect code


17:23 Revision 85677932: move (most of) ppm usage to opencv functions
The functions for opencv are stubs only (all in
I removed the ppm module completely and replaced it ...
16:09 action #232 (Closed): Create openCV 2.4.4 package for SLE
16:08 action #231 (Closed): Create a development mode for tests
* optimizing timeouts
* making screenshots
16:07 action #230 (Closed): Replace environment variables set in shell scripts by a real config file


12:10 Revision c151bb6d: [vbox] force-off VM before start
Bernhard M. Wiedemann
12:09 Revision b08094d3: only require SNMP when used
Bernhard M. Wiedemann


10:45 Revision fa3e2a0b: fix eog and thunderbird tests
Bernhard M. Wiedemann


10:41 Revision 4005d368: dont run into big timeout after install
Bernhard M. Wiedemann

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